Tuesday, 5/12, is Day #38 at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude: Field Trip for Health Research

journal entry of Tuesday, 5/12, is Day #38 at Daddy's Academy of Gratitude: Field Trip for Health Research

You know I do! I appreciate them sooooo much for the obvious reasons, FOOD and stuff! Of course, I super appreciate my cousins, brother, sister, WIFE, other family, all the friends and errrrrybody else out there “essential-ing” this mug up. Noooo, it’s not just the food and stuff. *winks* Come on MAN! Well, with one week of Academy left, two weeks of school and living in Texas, we went ahead and scheduled a field trip to the BIG city of Houston. We had too! I NEED certain foods, veggies, plants just to maintain some semblance of a high quality life and damn it; I am taking that high quality life. The kids haven’t been anywhere (I know. Y’all kids ain’t either.) and they actually are part of my personal health care plan and assistance team. Not if, but WHEN I have tremors, relapses, blind spells, dem kids (the students) know what to do and jump into action. I’ve taught them about my products, why I use them and the dangers associated with each. The way I saw it, I can’t drive anyway, they might well run with me to the Food Market and learn about herbs as a Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude Field Trip. My eldest, graduating, will probably have to shop for me soon and the younger ones need to know for MY sake. *shrugs* Fuck it, I’m OUTLAW already so off we went. #MasksOnPotna

Adanna Ade, local Bohemian, traveler and ayurvedic enthusiast

Link to local news article on Adanna Ade: VoyageHouston article

Link to Adanna Ade Instagram

I met Adanna a few weeks ago through a mutual friend, my daughter’s biological father because black men don’t beef over raising kids. *straight face* BOYS will fight. SCRUBS may fight. WACK will beef. (Yup. WE are examples of those black MEN.) Adanna taught me some methods, strategies and tips on managing my Multiple Sclerosis using natural herbs as teas, rubs, gels and supplements. Example, rose petals, lavender and jasmine can be ground and smoked to give a tranquil feeling. Nope, it is not cannabis but it definitely has a calming effect or chillaxing sensation. For harmony, peaceful feelings, try doing the same with yarrow, mugworth and chamomile. Yoo. It worked too. I’m not at the point where I can sit up here and explain the difference between the two feelings BUT I can share that I felt relaxed. On top of that, it is all natural, no tobacco and can be smoked inside the crib! She even had an oil that operated much the same way as those two but no smoking needed. THEN, she came out with tea recipes for situations and feelings. *mindblown* It was like being in a classroom but you’re enjoying the lesson and get to do hands-on activities. Before leaving, she gave us the addresses of local markets to find the ingredients in case I wanted to continue this “path of wellness and focus on personal constitution.”

IF I wanted?! HEEEEEEEELL YEAH. I am interested in everything old world, Eastern Medicine-y, non-prescription, all-natural and especially if it affects my nerves and calmness. Multiple Sclerosis goes haywire immediately every time I get overwhelmed, worried, stress, scared, etc. She walked in my home and spent quality time giving me tools to control those myself and I am eternally grateful.

The owner was so patient with us!

Link to Los Cavazos Instagram

This is how we ended up with the Field Trip idea. Adanna left me several herbs but I was gonna need to get my ass up and chase somethings. No problem, improving myself has become a true passion and I needed medicine. We piled into the ride and drove the 45min to the Food Market on the northside of Houston, on Airline. The experience proved worthy for the students (dem kids) right way. We hadn’t seen Houston in months and the quarantine scarred the shit out the community. Closed businesses, trash piles of furniture, graffitti, it was like Hurricane Harvey all over again. The students (dem kids) fired questions the entire trip about cleaning, government responses, police involvement, everything. Principal Mommy and I did our best to answer everything without the ugly truth of “Guuuurl, I don’t know about that one. We gotta look that one up at home so write it down.”

The Food Market itself was lit! (Lit means exciting and full of people. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you behind.) Kid #3 was anxious and amazed that so many people were out at one time, in one place. Kids #1 and #4 were much more interested in the shopping, walking around and just being out the house. The Market was full of everything I needed, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, fruit out the wazzoo, veggies on swoll, I damn near felt healed just walking through the various shops, sifting through the produce.

Los Cavazos caught our attention with a candyshop sitting on the right and sage burning & wafting straight to me. OMG. It was pure enlightening as the owner carefully explained different herbs, sage, soaps and cremes. Everything he taught, paired nicely with Adanna’s tutorial the previous week. The students listened and interrupted a few times to ask questions themselves, from a kids’ perspective. Stuff like, “Mister, how long will this burn? Wait? It helps with what?! How?! Ooooo Daddy, THAT one supposed to help with ___.” We stayed over an hour with him, exchanged contact information and he assured me he would remember US when we returned. The price point of buying my veggies was a little higher than my local Kroger’s or H-E-B but they smell and feel sooooooo freaking fresh and strong! Like the old folks say, “Get what you pay for.” I left Los Cavazos with so many products and was forced to write half on paper for next time.

*sniff* She’ll always be my Daddy’s Girl!

Kid #4 spent her own money and bought me this! Even looking at the picture as I blog it… *sniff AGAIN* The students (dem kids) earn money for book reports and… *sniff AGAIN Dawg* I really like this trophy because I had no idea she even bought it. I had to wait in car while they went inside and if I was there, I would have made her put it back and spend on herself, not ol’ Daddy.

Final Grades Due!!!

Once we finally returned, we were behind the eightball. None of the girls got anything done for school but I wasn’t bout to trip or make anybody come in late and finish schoolwork. Why? Did you see that trophy kid #4 bought me? I ain’t making nobody work after filling up my bucket. We got all week to finish those assignments!

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