5-star Review: Los Cavazos

my 5-star Review: Los Cavazos

Los Cavazos caught our attention with a candy shop sitting on the right and sage burning & wafting straight to me. OMG. It was pure enlightening as the owner carefully explained different herbs, sage, soaps and cremes. Everything he taught, paired nicely with Adanna’s tutorial the previous week. We stayed over an hour with him, exchanged contact information and he assured me he would remember US when we returned. Let me me stop to describe some things that left an impression and will bring me back. One, he had over a dozen sages, green, normal, rainbow colored and everything he burned smelled better than the last thing. He spoke to us about childhood trauma and the effect it has on kids. For such drama, he had a special rock that worked like soap. “Parents wash the ‘trauma’ off their children using this soap. Adults also use it for deodorant.” I didn’t laugh or crack a smile as I jammed his advice and instructions like it was a late 90s hip ho album.

Tea, yes TEA, is huge for me. I started THIS year, 2020, and worked myself up to an avid drinker. I prefer loose leaf for the aggressive flavoring and BOOM. Dude went into using his herbs for loose leaf tea because he doesn’t smoke at all. Hmmmm… WELL, I don’t HAAAAVE to smoke everything. I can grow up, learn more, enhance my experiences. I left Los Cavazos with over a $100 in his plants, charcoal, spices, soap and herbs. The way I see it, I ain’t doing jack else but quarantine’ing with my kids for a loooong summer. I will try my herbal medicines the entire time and blog the whole way. WE, MS’ers as unit, squad and crew, can all learn as I go. *winks*

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