5-star Review: Why I use PROGRESSIVE as my insurance carrier.

Testimony and review of Progressive Insurance

DISCLAIMER: I am an independent insurance agent with several carriers. IF you purchase Progressive through ME, I receive a commission.

Me & ol’ Flo…

Y’all peep that disclaimer huh? Yes, I am a Progressive auto agent since 2016. When I left teaching to pursue BIG money and shake up the world, I chose real estate and insurance because 80% of millionaires come from real estate and insurance. šŸ˜‘

Obviously, that didn’t happen and I blame Multiple Sclerosis. Over the 4 years since I became an agent, I’ve shared my personal stories of Progressive’s customer service and fast payouts. At SOME point, it only made sense that I put them into a post and referred folks instead of constantly retyping my stories.

I looked into Progressive because the Flo commercials are THAT funny. I know, I know, I know. There should be more to the story but NOPE. Years of funny commercials made interested and when I called, they beat Allstate by bout $50/mo, policy for wife and I. $50 is STILL enough to earn my attention and I ain’t shamed.

That time when the truck was stolen

In 2011, our Chevy Tahoe was stolen from the driveway, while we were upstairs, even watched them drive off at 6am. *sigh* We ended up getting the truck BACK *grateful* so there is no bad story here. It was found by lunch, on the side of I-45. The dusty thieves couldn’t turn off the Onstar. Progressive was ready for our claim with precision and speed. The agent called a couple of times to check on us and our mentality. Shoooooot, to be honest, we were kinda hoping the thief kept that mug because the claim was so easy and ready to be paid out.

Then, the truck was robbed…

In 2016, on vacation in Dallas, the truck was robbed at night during our hotel stay. Yup, thieves broke out windows and took everything in that mug, clothes, bags, suitcases, phone chargers, everything. As awful as that was, Progressive made it a little better by getting the truck repaired a few hours later. We paid our deductible and slid the truck to the closest body shop. Progressive wasn’t too picky and paid quickly so the body shop didn’t harass us later.

Ooooo, my car flooded during Harvey in 2016.

I had JUST paid off my 08 Chrysler 300. I LOVED that car, 22″ chrome rims, beat in the trunk, screens up front, neon lights tied to the bassline, I LOVED that car. The first night of Harvey… I didn’t even know I had Multiple Sclerosis yet and was a HOT Houston Realtor. I had houses under contract, lenders on speed dial and LOVED my car. It was silly to ride out for a meeting with clients, to a bar, better than Hooter’s, late night, storming but the deal was worth a $9k commission so off I went. I never made it. *sad face* Myself and 5 cars got stuck behind a flooded 18-wheeler. WE got flooded and spent the next 5 hours in our cars. (Wreckers were NOT allowed to save us either due to flooding. Police actually walked up, knocked on my window and explained that to me!) Some good pedestrians saved me, took my ass home and the car was gone forever to flood damage. Yooo. I was under contract to buy my own damn house in two months; now, I had no car.

Progressive paid that claim in a few weeks. I kept a rental car until the check arrived to replace the ride. *sniff* I LOVED that car.

Nooooow, as YOUR agent…

I’m not going to sugarcoat thangs for business purposes or to convince you to contact ME for insurance. (YES, I do auto, home, life but stay FOCUSED!) I’m a darn good agent for several reasons:


Cooooome on MAN! Doesn’t my blog illustrate my communication skills? *wink* I’ve always had strong people skills but as my disease progresses and my handicaps multiply, I’ve learned to strengthen my communication skills because they are my defense, offense, back-up and freestyle. In every situation, I’m physically handicapped, wheelchair’ed up with Multiple Sclerosis and must use communication to navigate and circumvent obstacles. Whether it’s “selling” my own kids on the benefits of school and chores or negotiating dinner choices with my wife, I’ve learned to listen, listen, listen. If I’m confused, I listen a little more because I can’t help anyone without a clear, concise understanding of what they NEED and can DO. As as agent, those saaaaame rules apply to clients. I will make sure I understand what clients NEED and are able to DO so I maximize the help. I listen my butt off and make concentrated efforts to speak THEIR language. Look, communication is key but understanding builds the castle!

Contacting me…

I don’t know EVERYTHING about Progressive, insurance or the system but I’ll find the answer because… Well… I’m home handicapped anyway. What else do I have to do besides solve a client’s problem? I’m not clubbing. There is no big family vacation so I can’t be contacted. I’m at the crib everyday, blogging, writing, teaching my kids and doing insurance stuff. I have clients that feel comfortable contacting me at 1AM with an issue. Why? They believe me when I say, “hit me with an issue because I’m home bored!”


The ugly truth is that I dig Progressive but I am loyal to clients and people, not a billion dollar company. I work WITH Progressive, not FOR Progressive. That means, when clients hit me and say, “Broooo. It’s getting real in the field. My insurance is too high and I gotta holiday shop, vacation, surprise my Momma, WHATEVER it is, I slide them to a different, cheaper company. I bring them back when things have settled. Bills ain’t no punk, holidays either so of course, I’m helping my clients SWITCH to save money for themselves. Heeeeeeck NAW. Explain for what? To who? It is your business. I AM going to give you that scary talk about how cheap insurance companies do folks on payouts but only because I have to.

If interested…

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