4-star Review: Black & Blue (action/thriller film, bout 2hrs long)

my 4-star Review: Black & Blue (action/thriller film, bout 2hrs long)

Yooo. Black & Blue was that GOOD. How good? I’ve never included a preview with my movie/series reviews but I started with this.

Naomi Harris was a newcomer to me but she’s DA ISH in England, her home country. I started the film skeptical if she could convey the emotional carnage of a Black Woman dealing with the unjust police; she did a fantastic job. It’s more than a mean mug at authority and sucking your teeth at workplace superiors, waaaay more. She captured those emotions, rage, confusion, hope and an unrelenting desire for justice. Her action scenes were well choreographed and authentic.

I am BIG fan of Tyrese, since the Coca Cola Commercials. He played his role like I expected but James Moses Black stole every scene he was in. His ability to transform into a “Uncle Rekus of Boondocks” was phenomenal. From the onset, I despised him, distrusted him and tensed up when he hit the screen.

I DID find that several relationships were rushed or forced, backstories were hinted but unexplored. Nothing was MAJOR but they stuck out like a sore thumb.

Final Grade: A-

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