4-star Review: Rancho Grande (Conroe, TX)

my 4-star Review: Rancho Grande (Conroe, TX)

This place is always so busy looking that I finally had to investigate. From the entryway, you know you’re getting authentic food. Smells of cilantro and peppers catch your attention immediately.

The FIRST thing I taste at any Mexican restaurant are chips and salsa. These were exactly what I was hoping for. The salsa was thick yet juicy with chunks of tomato, onion and peppers. The top had a light cilantro garnish, a little different but really good. Chips were light but strong, necessary since the salsa is so chunky.

I couldn’t eat it bc I’m Pescatarian.

I settled on ordering the shrimp quesadilla appetizers, 1/2 plate. Wanted fish tacos but NOT with tilapia . My quesadillas were great too. I got 4 in that 1/2 order, rice and beans. They were suuuuuper cheesy and I appreciate such indulgences. My daughter raved on the Cherry Coke. It came with a couple cherries and she swore they added the cherry flavoring directly.

Wife is more of a margarita gal

Happy Hour was $2 domestic and $2.50 import, (yuuuup, I enjoyed those bud lights with 2 fresh lime chunks per beer!).



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