What I Watched this Memorial Weekend: Lovebirds, Extraction and Scoob!

my reviews of Lovebirds, Extraction and Scoob.

I don’t know about Y’ALL but my squad straight chilled this Memorial Weekend. Coronavirus, quarantine, Multiple Sclerosis keep my #sickAF at the house. I would’ve thrown a little meat on the pit BUT I’m not comfortable letting the Essential Employees pick my grilling selections. Well, keeping it πŸ’―, I didn’t let ANYBODY pick MY grilling selections. Shoot homie, before Multiple Sclerosis big-faced me and took my legs, I didn’t allow my WIFE to do it either. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜› (YUP. Tell her I said it!) WAIT! I’m doing it again. I slipped off and went too hard on “fluff” stuff. We watched a few movies much stuff over Memorial Weekend but only three stood out. Below, reviews. #Boom

The Lovebirds preview


The wife and I giggled the entirety of this film! We are stout and devout fans of Issa Rae so as soon as the Netflix preview sounded, we actually set a time and date. Neither of us wanted the kids to jack this mug up.

She and Kumail delivered some absolute bangers. Now, if you’re looking for anything SUPER love-y dove-y, this is NOT it. Instead, the couple finds themselves entangled in wild situations, facing everything from blah to blah. (Come on. You know I can’t snitch on the movie. ESPECIALLY, after the preview is linked! πŸ˜‰)

Extraction preview


Yo. 😨 This was shockingly AWESOME. My wife doesn’t watch action films and plays on her phone during Avengers movies. (πŸ˜‘Who YOU telling. I pay full price knowing she ain’t really trying to see the flick!) This film, she watched. I actually put my phone down at certain points because the action, explosions, angles, MOVEMENT was that intense. With my phone in hand, I missed stuff. Hell, WITHOUT my phone, I got dizzy once! I’m telling you, this mug is the definition of intense, end to end, wire to wire. Nope, it’s not love-y dove-y either. Pure adrenaline that doesn’t feel forced. An authentic tale of kicking ASS.

Scoob! preview


Yup, it was $20. Yup, we dropped that $20 and you KNOW I keep it real… *stands on podium* EFF DA MOVIES AND THAT OVERPRICED NAAAASTY FOOD! I paid for Trolls. Loved it and saved at LEAST $80. Scoob? Couldn’t wait to save some change and enjoy a classic, on the couch. I grew up on Scoob and Shaggy. As a kid, I wasn’t “studden” nobody in their crew or that dusty looking Mystery Machine but those two. Scoob! brought a new bounce to the flow by…

πŸ˜‘ DAWG! I’m NOT snitching. My wife, kids and, of course, me highly recommend it for kids and families. The adult humor was on point, soundtrack was jamming and the voices matched up.

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