9 NATURAL remedies for back pain

The 9 steps to fixing my back after falls, tremors, slipped discs & Spondylosis.

Daaaaaaaaawg… *sad face* I think it was February of THIS year that I snitched on myself and told y’all about that dramatic fall. Y’all remember? I fell. After work/substitute teaching. Fell off my wheelchair, into the parent pick up lane, it rolled and almost another car while teachers rushed to pick me up. *straight face* Like I said, dramatic. That was preceded by sleeping on the couch and screwing up my back so when I fell… *sigh* Bad stuff homie. I was out of commission then BOOM, coronavirus and quarantine brought the students (dem kids) to me.

THIS time, I slept on my stomach and jacked UP my back. I’m pretty sure that I’ve slipped a disc because of last time. THAT time, I was hurting for about two months. I mean it, for real. TWO solid months started with aching back pains at various levels. For a few weeks, I struggled to use the toilet alone because I couldn’t stand without that pesky ‘muscle weakness’ playing games with my legs. Not to mention, for about a month, sitting on the toilet directly caused intense lower back pain. I’m hoping that I haven’t done THAT much damage this time but I’m strapped up with fresh memories and eye witness accounts of what worked last time. #Married15years I’ve already started because I committed the cardinal sleeping sin on Sat, May 30.

1.) Yoga

I’ve read all kinds of articles and information over yoga after injuries, some are against it, some for it. Back in the days of healthcare, I went to a doctor, asked questions and followed their instructions. Not so much anymore. Now, I crazy appreciate the opportunity to experiment and tailor WHATEVER I’m doing to me. All that to say, I still yoga during my injury. I chill TF out with intensity and if a pose hurts, I quit immediately. My wife is a RN and does NOT agree with my decision to do this. Yup, I’ve hurt myself doing it. Possibly made things worse or extended my recovery time. Why do it again? I absolutely, unequivocally, beyond a shadow of a doubt believe that I improved my healing. I just know that by working those blood vessels, exercising that muscle, moving that area that my body responds well. In my eyes, if I wouldn’t have gone TOO hard and hurt myself a couple times, I would have bounced back faster. Way faster. So, this time, I won’t go too hard and bounce back faster. *makes muscle*

2.) Water/Stay hydrated

I go with alkaline water when I’m recovering from injuries, MS symptoms or digestive issues. Alkaline water’s higher ph content helps to neutralize the acidity in the body, boost recovery time and increase energy levels. Technically, I should be drinking alkaline water on a regular basis for its benefits buuuuuuut… *shrugs* Da lil handicapped home be broke DAWG!

3.) Heating Pad

Here comes the age old question, cold or heat for your injury. Again, I lean on experience and go with heat on my lower back injury aka slipped disc. I have a Sunbeam heating pad with the automatic off-after-2-hours thing. It works perfectly. Wheelchair, laying FLAT on back or on my side with a pillow between the knees, I am rocking the heating pad like it’s a high fashion accessory.

4.) Anti-inflammatory Foods

Basically, I throw my Anti-Inflammatory Salad at the injury/slipped disc like it is a multiple sclerosis symptom. There is going to be inflammation with the injury. Nope, I’m not a doctor. Naw, I’m not a shaman YET either. *winks* That means even during this quarantine, higher food costs, covid-19 fear, I am getting FRESH veggies and fruit (Focus on the GREEN VEGGIES though!)

5.) Love Oil/cremes

This is new NEW. My daughter, kid #1, brought this from the local ayurvedist, @WeAreCharu (IG). From her, I’ve learned a little about using herbs and making teas. After that, good ol Google and talking directly to the local herb guy @loscavazos (IG). Two days in, each time that I’ve used the oil, it has the effect of icy hot without the ice/hot sensation. Look playa, I can’t explain much more than that. I use it exclusively at night because I know I’m going to be still and lying on the heating pad for maximum healing!

6.) CBD Gummies

I am NOT using the CBD gummies for any type of pain relief. The gummies/CBD help keep my body in a “relaxed” state which prevents tremors and spasms. This is a HUGE as I have Progressive MS. Tremors and spasms agitate the lower back injury/slipped disc and BAAAAAAAAAABY… *tears* That pain is at least an 8 of 10. Sneezing? *bigger tears* I can’t do a lot about the sneezing but I can slow down the tremors/spasms by relaxing and calming down.

7.) Meditation

I hit a meditation session before and after I do LIGHT ASS yoga. The difference here is that I use two different sages with those sessions. I go white before; it has the “cleansing power”. After yoga, I use blue sage because it promotes healing anyway. *taps head* Yeah, I’m smart too!

8.) Rest & Relaxation

For me, the rest and relaxation part is the most difficult! Sure, I’m homebound and handicapped so you’re wondering what the heck am I doing? Raising kids, being married, cleaning, overseeing cooking *LOL*, blogging, writing, branding, playing on social media, building my empire of #sickAF and helping others! Guuuuurl, ya boi be busier as a handicapped, work-from-home father than he ever was as a teacher, realtor or insurance agent. Still, it is obvious that I slow down and sit still for healing to take place. Yes, *rolls eyes*, I do practice breathing. It comes with my meditation! *sly smile*

9.) Indica

Sativa will have me feeling too excited and trying to do too damn much. Normally, I avoid strong indicas because they leave you stuck. Well, I need to be stuck now PLUS the medical benefit of being a natural pain reliever and muscle relaxer. Does it cure me? ROTFLMAO! Maaaaaan please. It does feel like a Tylenol pain reliever though. The fact that I’m finding my painful experience to be a tad humorous is helpful too!

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4 thoughts on “9 NATURAL remedies for back pain”

    1. *blushes* Suuuuuper THANKS for THOSE affirmations. Reading this actually pumps me up so I appreciate the energy like crazy! πŸ–€πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  1. Dawg, I’m so sorry to hear that you fell! Adding insult to injury!
    I, suffered a bad fall 15 months ago. Still not addressed by my pcp. Seeing him later this month.
    I do like you. Music, relaxation techniques, MEDITATION! I can spend my entire day meditating.
    Also, vitamins.
    Vitamin D, zinc and Mg.
    Happy you’re not giving up!
    Stay strong, Warrior! Sending positive energy your way.

    1. OMG! You used the lingo in a comment! This is officially my FAVORITE comment ever! A thousand thank you’s for the support! πŸ–€πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

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