5-star BOOK Review: Good House (Tananarive Due, 2003)

My 5-star BOOK Review: Good House (Tananarive Due, 2003):

So, I’m at the point in life where I take my money, time and attention serious AF. REALLY. Even before all the protests and immediate actions to address the African American community, my stuff was serious. Nowhere near as NOW but I’ve always been cognizant of my energies.

Books, blogs, readings, etc are a good example of me being picky about my energy.  As usual, I did some recon work on Tananarive Due before buying and supporting her published art. The FIRST picture I saw was her rocking gear to support Black Lives Matter. #Boom already on first impression! She is advocate of several movements to address our communities, education and police reform. Question answered, I dove into her book, The Good House.

I don’t do horror movies. As a kid, The It, tore my bedtime childhood to shreds. Grown up, I STILL don’t jack with anything scary, horror, gory, etc. The Good House does an outstanding job of balancing histories, storytelling and the suspense of horror. That is a biiiig difference for a scary cat like me. Due paints pictures that do NOT rely on the reader’s fearful emotions. I could imagine the horror moments without being overwhelmed by wordplay preying on my fears and apprehension. Angela Toussaint’s tragedy and family revelations offered more than fear, they provided insight and interesting side research. I was constantly Googling herbs, components and African folklore because her allusions inspired me to learn more. The Toussaint “medicine” recipes matched my own personal choice of treating Multiple Sclerosis! I truly enjoyed the book and fully intend to read the next edition!

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