5-star BOOK Review: The Changeling (Victor LaValle, 2017)

My 5-star BOOK Review: The Changeling (Victor LaValle, 2017)

After reading The Good House, I was braver than usual. My mission to read more literary works of black authors was in full swing and I wanted MORE black authors. I rocked with Google’s suggestion of The Changeling by Victor LaValle. It was another horror story that focused on the suspense and build up more than grossing you out or making you jump from the reading chair.

Victor LaValle has been winning awards for writing since he started. For real, FOR REAL. late 90s and early 2000s, the dude has won SOMEthing everything doggone year. I was reading an author because of her support for Black Lives Matter. I was reading an author because of his similarity to my ACCOMPLISHED goals. Now, I added an author simply because of his proven track record, skills and recognition.

Right away, let me stop and brag on the man’s pure storytelling. *long whistle* It was on FIRE. He started the story with the drama of the main character’s parents, Apollo Kagwa. Again, *pause*, the guy started with the GRANDPARENTS but kept the story interesting. From grandparents to book collector, I was hooked. Somehow, the author wove just enough pieces, tidbits, clues to keep me turning pages. There were no car chases, no fights, few moments of aggression yet I couldn’t stop reading. Apollo’s incredible journey began with little fanfare and I almost missed it because I was reading and waiting on OTHER stuff to pop off! THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a good book and amazing storytelling. The ability to dazzle your reader, make them chase hints down the WRONG rabbit hole but never lose them.

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