5-star BOOK Review: Minion, Vampire Huntress #1 (L.A. Banks, 2003)

My 5-star BOOK Review: Minion, Vampire Huntress #1 (L.A. Banks, 2003)

Minion was an amazing read! I found the author by Googling Black authors of Urban Fantasy. (I am NOT ashamed of my reading interest. šŸ˜‰) Urban Fantasy is the genre where magic meets CURRENT times and I’ve been deep into that because I grew up on Marvel Comics .

Leslie Esdaile Banks

L.A. Banks represents soooo much of what I envy and admire in authors and the writing career. Her first published, romance novel, Sundance, came in 1996 and that coincided with my high school graduation so I was immediately interested. Her lavish list of books include science fiction, short stories and even T.V. adaptations of her Soul Food series! I was SUPER impressed and by the time I found Minion, I knew I was hooked into the author, not just her works.

Minion is the story of a Black vampire huntress coming into her powers and riddled with side characters, rich histories and some freaking OUTSTANDING implications of sex! (I am Scorpio. I am NOT ashamed!) The first book is the textbook, definition of leaving readers wanting, craving, demanding more. L.A. Banks is a storyteller with a true penchant, talent for setting scenes and bouncing between situations. What I mean is this, whether it’s action, love or hospital visits, readers SEE the story. From colors, to smells, to clothing, I felt like the entire book was a real show to be watched that I was reading. It was fantastic! Knowing there are 11 OTHER books to follow Minion was a lesson in patience. Mrs. Banks is a storyteller and NOTHING was rushed.

Now, vampires, werewolves, etc. can be “played out” and terribly predictable. Without giving too much away, Banks is different in that she roots this good vs. evil plot into HIP HOP MUSIC! *mindblown*. Her characters are given appropriate time to develop and she dabbles in their backstories without compromising the main plot or slowing down the action. GREAT read and I’m hooked for the series!

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