Kendrick Avant 4-star Album Review: Skateboard Weezy (Lil Wayne, 2020)

This mug is only 4 songs but DAMN it’s jamming like a MUG homie/homette! Wayne jumps out the gate with I Don’t Sleep. The song is an ode to the lifestyle, “higher than the cost of living”. What do I mean? Check out the chorus:

I don’t sleep (I don’t sleep)
Fuck a bed, fuck a spread, fuck a sheet (I don’t sleep)
Fuck a Xanny, give me Adderall and weed (I don’t sleep)
Speedballin’ off the cocaine and codeine (I don’t sleep)
Chinchilla carpet got her walkin’ on her knees (on her knees)

I had to rock it TWICE trying to catch the wordplay because I was stuck on the chorus.

The rest of the FOUR songs each had something special and attention grabbing. Song 3, titled Harden, popped by references to NBA star James Harden and Wayne speaking REAL verses. Song 2, Big Worm, and 4, Wayne’s World, were the typical mumbled, jargon Wayne. It was difficult to pick apart his words OR you speak his language fluently. πŸ˜‰πŸ€£πŸ€£

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