2028 SuckaFree Playoffs Update & Superbowl Predictions

The update on our Madden league of father's & homies.

So the SuckaFree Playoffs kicked off Sunday with a total of 9 users making the tournament. The big topic is the feed is the AFC’s assertion that they are sooooooo hard and soooooooo much competition. *straight face* Whateves because only 1 more user made the playoffs down there more than us. YES, it does feel like the NFC has the most tier 1 users (dudes wielding beastly stick skills) but all that gives them one more entry than up top. Looking at final results, those tier 1’s are again dominating as the final four is littered with their presence.

First, NFC since it sent 5 users

Wilcard Weekend

Hawk’s Cowboys had the stronger record but since Mustang’s Lions won their division, Detroit hosted another playoff game. The matchup was determined by TOs (as usual with user games and ANY football game) Mustang held it close with running and safe play in the first half before the deficit and 2nd half assault forced his hand into trying to keep up by passing. Dallas “finished” him with those turnovers and it’s own ground game.

Divisional Round

Big Prin announced himself to the SuckaFree world with another playoff run and solid wildcard win over the CPU Bears. His reward? A divisional game vs. repeat and current bully, Pickens. The game was close in the 1st half before TOs ended his chances at an underdawg shot in the title game. In a game of smash-N-dash, Prin made Pickens bleed and actually outrushed the champ considering spotty QB play and INTs. Pickens sat on his haunches in the 2nd half choosing to hold a healthy team over records and swag-bashing his opponent.

Noooooow, dem AFC squads!

NO need for Wildcard Weekend

Divisional Round

The matchup that everyone wanted to see was Funky vs. Kaso in the AFC. Funky (Legend of team building and player development) faced his archenemy in Kaso (original stick skiller). The wily commish committed to running and avoiding INTs (tactic that led to consecutive W’s over stick skillers) but in the end, it prevented him from keeping up with Kaso’s scoring. The difference the ability of Cleveland to feed WR KeKe Coutee for timely air yards and surprisingly dominate the line of scrimmage as he sacked Funky 5x vs. 0. (For those unaware, Funky has 4 HOF on his Oline!)



Kaso is widely expected to defeat 48bars (Steelers) in the AFC Championship. The Steelers have trusted veteran Mariotta all season and the vet responded with a career year but Kaso’s ability to “user lurk” negates the passing game. Meanwhile, Kaso’s most balanced attack in 3 Madden releases gives users plenty to fear.

Kaso’s Cleveland Browns 48 vs. 48bars’s Steelers 21


With the majority of proven stick skillers, the NFC should be more difficult to gauge. It opens with Hawk (Cowboys 13-3) taking on Rocket’s TOP seeded Eagles (15-1). The two users have demonstrated a remarkable knack for winning close games BUT the key difference lies in the hands of the QBs. The Eagles boast perennial star Bronson Westbrook for those crucial moments and throws when facing users. Dallas counters with young Derrick McMullen, protege of Philly’s former Carson Wentz. The sophomore destroyed Wentz’s school records at NDSU but the third rounder does NOT match his mentor’s raw physical skill set. Dallas will NOT play afraid with its passing game as he won Player of the Week in his 2nd start.

Rocket’s Eagles 35 Hawk’s Cowboys 24

In the NFC Championship tho…

Rocket’s Eagles 31 Pickens’ Falcons 35

Basing this purely on speculation that Rocket’s inside passing game will lead to one more TO vs. Pickens. With two stick skillers, I fully expect fireworks and big plays as the users attempt to dominate each other and show the SuckaFree who is best.


Pickens Falcons 28 Kaso Browns 14

Maybe it’s just me buuuuut Kaso has quit pretty consistently vs. other TIER 1 users. From Hawk to Pickens earlier, Kaso is a swag banger with a limited playbook based on speed, speed and more speed. Pickens has shown an ability to make adjustments during games and even remixes his offense according to opponent strength. He’s similar to a user version of Bill Belicheck just like Hawk. That is some next level shit for freaking Madden and Kaso will be an underdawg for the first time since 2026.

Weeeeell…. guess we’ll see soon huh?

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