5-star Album Review: The Album (Teyana Taylor, 2020)

My 5-star Album Review: The Album (Teyana Taylor, 2020)

Okay, I didn’t know much about Teyana Taylor at all before she dropped The Album. I knew more about her NBA husband and the story about delivering her first child, at her house, 911 on speakerphone with hubbie for support. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

From there, I was ready for her album. I’d heard some jams before and everything she ever rocked was truly rocking.

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn! The Album is instantly one of my favorites and gives me that, “every song is my SHIT” feeling! I mean EVERY song is JAAAAAMMING LIKE A MUTHAFUGGA! *tries calming down* 23 songs, 9 are collaborations/cameos and she even brought THE Lauren Hill out of WHEREVER she is. The Intro shocks you because it is actually that in-home baby birth with 911 on speaker! πŸ˜‘ I got 4 kids so I wasn’t scared, grossed, nothing. Naw Queen, I was nodding my head in full support and listening for Iman’s reaction. When the first track hit, Come Back to Me featuring Rick Ross & Junie, I bobbed my head for 3 straight songs as Teyana and others, like Erykah Badu, did their thing. When the collab with Quavo, Let’s Build, finished up, I wondered if she could “hold it down” without all the big names.

Damn RIGHT she does. Teyana spits out R&B like a Wu Tang Clan member. The verses are raw, raunchy and real AF. She doesn’t sugar coat her lyrics with clever nicknames or subtle hints. Naaaaaaw King, Teyana Taylor is kicking ass, forget the names. Throughout The Album, she weaves stories of hardship and success, inserts HER wisdom and all the while, speaking frank, simple and plain. HEADS UP! The language is NOT for young kids or virgin ears!

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