SuckaFree One-On-One with Coach MuthaFugga King of the TN Titans

Aight, this off-season, SuckaFree will run one-on-one with coaches around the league to kinda give the franchise a real off-season feel. Three coaches , Falcons, Eagles and Titans sat down to give their take on the the 2028 season.

What do you do, married, family?

I am a full time blogger and author. I’ve published 2 ebooks, one is a self-help ebook for people living with chronic illness and autoimmune diseases. It’s titled, If you can’t GET better, BE better. The ebook details the 8 steps I take everyday to rock and roll despite chronic pain, symptoms and disabilities. The second is a short story for teachers/education. It is the story of an inner-city teacher, with Multiple Sclerosis, that “saves” the community through teaching practices, strategies and practical lesson planning. Yup, da lil handicapped homie is married with FOUR kids, 3 daughters and 1 son.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

I feel strong about the unit. We just finished our 3rd year and everything is working like vaseline, “just give it time and shit gets easier.” Our strength is the line play, both offensive and defensive. Behind them, the RBs smashmouth and the LBs play “kill the guy with the ball”. Our weakness is on the edges where the WRs don’t scare a gah damn CB or coaching unit. Our secondary is serviceable but we really need talent. People think that means speed but we need talent back there to match up the instructions of Damarious Ruffin. The poor kid is literally saaaanging our coverages buuuuut….

Who are the most important players on your roster?

Our entire front seven is most important.

More than anything because I’m using them to make plays, set edges, rush passers and cover special teams. Remember those Saints of the 80s, sent 4 LBs to the Pro Bowl?

Team didn’t win a playoff game tho? Well, that is our worst case scenario here in Tennessee because unlike those Saints teams, we have our QB. Deondre Francois shattered records with his efficiency and ability to get the ball out. He goes the line with multiple options on every play and makes the right decision. I love the kid!

What is your offensive identity/playstyle?

The offensive lies the hands of Deondre every week. In my mind, the kid will be the next Tom Brady because he has NO ego after a speckled college career full of transfers, injuries and scheme changes. He just wants to win and he proves it by doing his job. Get the rock to the playmakers and don’t turn the ball over.

What is your defensive identity/playstyle?

On defense, I will not lie. We are a 3-4 team and envisions itself as the Giants of the 80s. I know, I know, I know. I should stop with the 80s references but I truly feel and old school football of yesteryear will shock users into submission. Not old school pound the rock, shotgun, Air Raid, nothing but the old school mentality and physicality. Its why Frank and Azari will be Titans for life. They give everything, every week and never stop.

What is your focus this offseason?

My focus is the same, filling the halls, streets, stadiums and such with Agents of Change. Tennessee deserves players it can be proud of. We will not sacrifice team chemistry, unity for speed, Superstars or X-Factors. Here, while I’m on watch, we will win the right way, with the right guys, at the right time. I ain’t forcing shit!

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