SuckaFree One-On-One with Coach Pickens of the 3x consecutive ATL Falcons.

Aight, this off-season, SuckaFree will run one-on-one with coaches around the league to kinda give the franchise a real off-season feel. Three coaches , Falcons, Eagles and Titans sat down to give their take on the the 2028 season.

What do you do, married, family?

When I’m not gaming, I work as in Juvenile Detention. The quarantine is really screwing up processes and procedures for the kids under my watch. They need school to distract them and help them mature/prove growth. Without school, their idle minds are working OT on bullshit.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

I absolutely love my squad. We’re on year #4 and every player was hand selected by the coaching staff. Our strength is based the run game and defense. Here, in ATL, Birds gotta fight before flight so we focus on the fundamentals behind blocking, tackling and endurance.

Who are the most important players on your roster?

Without a doubt, the RBs and MLBs are the key players to our philosophy. With both handled up, we can control tempo and grind out whatever needs to be done.

What is your offensive identity/playstyle?

I’m an Iowa Hawkeye football guy so again, pound TF out of the rock and solid ass defense. Back at the university, Coach Ferentz would discuss meetings with Bill Belichek and the team would meet on that meeting. It taught us patience, study habits and the secret to taking apart an opponent’s weapons.

What is your defensive identity/playstyle?

I’m not big on blitzing and trying to force TOs. I lean on my Iowa background and prefer good, solid, heady defense while the offense makes mistakes in hopes of confusing us or forcing their philosophy on us. The LBs are everywhere and their ability to do it all makes the defense go.

What is your focus this offseason?

Coming off 3 consecutive titles, our focus is depth. The squad is set, salary cap settled and we need very little because it is almost impossible to crack our starting rotations.

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