SuckaFree One-On-One with Coach Rocket of the Philly Eagles

Aight, this off-season, SuckaFree will run one-on-one with coaches around the league to kinda give the franchise a real off-season feel. Three coaches , Falcons, Eagles and Titans sat down to give their take on the the 2028 season.

What do you do, married, family?

I am an insurance adjuster for Allstate. Nope, not married but I got a 15yr old daughter.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

I feel good about the team but we have some holes to fill before we are complete. Our strength is the running game. We have 2 RBs that I believe in. Sutherland joined us late and took over but with a full offseason to learn the system, language, audibles and how we power block, I am confident that he will take the next step. Finney can work his magic and proven that he can carry load but Lorenzo gives us a special access to the passing game. We do need to improve the WR corps here in Philly and we’ll do that.

Who are the most important players on your roster?

Without a doubt, the integrity of the scheme lies in our RBBC and Secondary. We have the talent and this year, I plan on putting it all together. Sutherland and Rocket Thomas are looking at team captains this year but I want to SEE it myself.

What is your offensive identity/playstyle?

We are a unit based on tempo and speed. I’m not afraid to pass at all but I need guys that stretch a defense or make somebody miss and go. We’re a piece or two away from where I want us to be.

What is your defensive identity/playstyle?

We need speed, speed and more speed. I love our LE Preston Adkins’ ability to set the edge and bring some pressure but I want more speed beside him, opposite him. We have some candidates to upgrade that pass rush tho.

What is your focus this offseason?

Our focus is upgrading the LBs. Guys work hard and operate well but I want speed out there. Just one or two more…

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