3-star Album Review: Legends Never Die (Juice WRLD, 2020)

My 3-star Album Review: Legends Never Die (Juice Wrld, 2020)

*rest in peace* to the artist known as Juice WRLD. I heard his radio hits before he passed but wasn’t impressed enough to try his music. From I can gather reading different reports, sources and hip hop circles, the guy always had drug issues. He admitted to starting in 6th grade, having anxiety, depression, social issues and everything always kinda “snowballing” together. A perfect storm of conditions that introduced, maintained and accelerated his drug abuse until his death. Juice WRLD popped a crazy number of percocets, xanax, and oxycodone when police searched his airplane for drugs and suffered an immediate seizure during the damn police search, at the airport.

21 songs buuuuut….

I seriously struggled rating this album. On one hand, it is jamming. An absolute masterpiece of music full of intense, emotional lyrics hinging on depression and open drug abuse. On the OTHER hand, as much as it jams, I can’t lie to MY tribe, it feels and sounds like the saaaaaaaaame song. *straight face* 21 songs of deepness, confessions, worries… They all felt the same. Sad. Jamming but sad AF. Sure, the beats, drum lines and rhythms change. Juice WRLD does true heavy metal like songs and collaborates with the hot mumble rappers buuuuuut…. It all sounds the same. No particular song stands out except the heavy metal/rock and roll joints but then comes the negative lyrics of nothing but sadness. AGAIN.

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