SuckaFree 1-on-1 w/ Coach Bowman243 of the SF 49ers (Co-Commissioner of the thang)

1-on-1 interview with Co-Commissioner Bowman243 of the SuckaFree franchise.

Aight, this off-season, SuckaFree will run one-on-one with coaches around the league to kinda give the franchise a real off-season feel. Three coaches , Falcons, Eagles and Titans sat down to give their take on the the 2028 season.

What do you do, married, family?

I’m following the lead of my Co-Commissioner and not answering that question. All users should know about me is MY team. I don’t beef with others and keep everything straight on the up and up. What I can share is this, I am the “common sense” of this establishment. I don’t get into my feelings nor do I trash talk. I play my games, do my thing and silently laugh at the antics of others.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

I’ll be honest. I’m an example of a user that didn’t take anybody or anything too serious. For that reason, I’ve never put much thought into the chemistry and “talent” on my team. I finally began to understand that I would have to adjust my game during these numerous user games. SuckaFree has never been this busy nor has there been a real need to adjust. I knew the users, their style and played. 2028 was my first playoff absence since the arrival of Baker Mayfield. It’s partly my fault for not taking users serious but I’m ready now. Our strength is the Oline and everybody says that so I get it.

With the Oline, I’m coming downhill, over hill, underground and around the corners with D’Angelo Zachary. In the past, our offense has gotten stale so the influx of coaching talent should free him up this upcoming season.

Who are the most important players on your roster?

The offense starts with Baker and D’Angelo but it’s kinda obvious. On defense, we build based on the edge pressure of Nick “Boogey Man” Bosa. The guy is Mr. San Francisco and the last remaining stalwart from the original unit.

What is your offensive identity/playstyle?

We pride ourselves on being a balanced offense.

George Kittle can still make things happen downfield or trucking defenders. His ability to set the edge on stretches and zones are pivotal to the success of the playaction pass. The problem over the years has been the turnovers. Looking the research and numbers, we win 80% of games in which we have LESS turnovers than the opponent. Baker must improve his decision making and he will.

What is your defensive identity/playstyle?

We stop the run at all costs. It’s in our bloodlines and city by-laws. *winks* This year, things will adjust according to the opponent and playstyle that we’re facing. I envy the defenses of the 80s and 90s and Thurman never lets me forget the committment his uncle made. *hold finger to make a point*

What is your focus this offseason?

The focus will be on user games. The CPU teams give me no problem and that has impacted the coaching, as I’ve mentioned. This year, the focus is on coaching and putting more talent on the field instead of guys that just “fit the system”. The trade with the Jets signifies this. We gave up WR Irv Smith to OLB Quandre Huntington. The deal gives us defense at the expense of points but I’m confident that our new coaches will pave the way for the offense to put up point.

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