4-star Album Review: Can We Fall In Love? (Avant, 2020)

My 4-star Album Review: Can We Fall In Love? (Avant, 2020)

*hands up* Say what-TF-ever you want but I am am Avant fan. Yoooo, my last name is Avant, we were both born in 1978 and he has lupus, I have MS. Several members of my family have lupus too. Avant has jammed with me through break-ups, make-ups and the beginnings of my marriage. #SaluteMyAssOff

When it comes to his latest album, Avant kept it Avant. I was shocked he dropped something and immediately put it on. I thought I might catch Avant and new artists, mumble rappers or maybe some wild crossover. What I go was Avant, nothing more, nothing less. There were no big time cameos. No hot remixes. Nothing was crazy hyper. 10 songs of Avant. It was a cool beans, old school, R&B type of album. Everything was love, overcoming hardships for love, rolling with love, making love (not smashing or F’ing šŸ¤”). I enjoyed the album. Wife liked it. Kids came back and forth; we didn’t worry/stress about cursing or sex lyrics. Straight Avant talking relationships, getting serious and the normal. The BAD thing about such simple goodness? NOTHING stands out. Nothing was horrible, nothing was excellent. Just a good, R&B album.

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