5-star Album Review: Moving On EP (Kiana Lede’, 2020)

My 5-star Album Review: Moving On EP (Kiana Lede', 2020)

Nooooooope. I did NOT Kiane Lede’ was a child prodigy and blew up on MTV and Netflix before the whole music thing. I outta be used to it by because it seems like sooooo many artists were doing TV first, Spears, Timberlake, Drake, list goes on and on. Well, add Kiana Lede’ to the list because the EP was rocking like a MUG.

5 songs

Kiana brought upbeat, “positive” like music to my eardrums and heart. Even her songs about heartbreak, relationship struggles and negative issues had my head bobbing away. Moving is the opening track and it is a true “get-in-your-head” song. I sang it so much out loud that my wife asked to jam the album. The 2nd track, Second Chances featuring 6LACK, was another one that kept my head moving side-to-side. Of the 5, only Plenty More. stopped the head movement. Why? The song was jamming but the beat plays 2nd fiddle to her voice and lyrics. I was able to focus on the wordplay and still liked the song. The greatest compliment I can play to the EP is that I am going back to find her full first album and rock that.

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