Kendrick Avant 5-star Album Review: Into the Night EP (Elliott Trent, 2020)

How I found the dude…

Chilling outside with the Mrs., jamming to some random playlist that YouTube recommended. I’m biiiiiig into R&B, vulgar, sweet, ol’ skool, everything and anything R&B gets play with me. We heard some jam of his and neither knew WHO he was, where from anything. Google didn’t help except that he was from Columbus, born in 1992 and gained attention from Sound Cloud.

Shhhhhooooooooo….. *looks around* These 5 songs were POPPING. The first track, Motions, starts easy, nice even. My 2nd grader bobbed her head but nobody paid much attention. By cut #3, Safeside, she had to gon back inside or we switch the music. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ I sent her inside because dude had me and the wife playing footsie while he bust out the freaky deaky lyrics! I enjoyed the obvious different rhythms and beats to the album too. Now, I’ll warn you. Dude jamming enough that we immediately played the next two songs from some other album. Those were rocking as well. Strong sexual content is his major trick. *shrugs* Works for me but I’m a Scorpio. πŸ˜‰

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