5-star Album Review: The Khody Blake Show (Khody Blake, 2020)

My 5-star Album Review: The Khody Blake Show (Khody Blake, 2020)

How did I hear about this artist?

To make a long story short, I know the President of the music label. *Pops collar* Yuuuup. See, back in the days of being a teacher, a colleague offered a guest speaker for my college prep course. That guest speaker was the President of L.O.U.D. Muzik and he blew my students with his talks of entrepreneurship, chasing dreams and following passion. Years later, I’m still cool beans with said colleague and every once in awhile, he tips to one of the young artists at the label. This time it was Khody Blake from Houston, TX. I dig supporting anything local, especially local artists so I jumped on the album.

The dude has skills with the mic! The EP had 6 songs, typical for an EP, but what popped first was the first track, The Sound of Truth. Khody comes out with his emotional, thinking man’s song to open things and the melody plays along perfectly with the rhyme scheme. (A constant throughout the album was Khody always felt on-beat. It’s 2020 and a lot of rappers ain’t studden the beat!) Track #2, FSR (Flows So Random) and #3, Penthouse, showcase the chorus and head bobbers. I jammed it with a full house of family and girls jigged away to Penthouse. Let Me Know and Burn It Up took me into the “Yup, that’s specifically for girls and rolling with your shawty.” The strength of those two were the well-timed basslines that made everyone, girls and guys nod head and sing along. My favorite track was the The Phenom, last song, because I could picture what he spoke of. That has always been my judge of an artist and their work. Does the music have an intent and convey the intent. I would say Khody Blake had our little BBQ bobbing heads, thinking deep and kept the ladies jigging throughout with those choruses.

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