1-star Album Review: Whoa, EP (Rich Gang, 2020)

Who is in Rich Gang?!

Dawg. *DUCK FACE* I do NOT know but Google has this and it can’t be! No way DJ Khalid ok’d these beats and basslines. HUH?! In the picture above, I only know Birdman, Khalid and Bow Wow (Shad). On this album, NOBODY sounded familiar. Nope, no Young Thug. Naw on Rich Homie Quan. I didn’t even hear Birdman say something thuggish and gangsta like, “Cash Money Records ya heard me?”. Half the songs featured some dude, Almighty Slime, and I couldn’t find him anywhere on Google or any other search engine. I found an artist, Almighty, and another one, Slime, but no Almighty Slime.

The entire album was “mumble rap”. It was difficult to understand what the rappers were saying for all 7 songs. Sure, when they said “bitch”, it was clear as heck. Yup, any gun or the word “blast” was pronounced well but everything else was…. garbage? Dumpster juice? Doo doo? I tried, I really tried but nothing was good. Every song sounded the same. Every verse was mumbled. Nothing was deep, crunk, hype or even gangsta. Yes, they talked about thug stuff, running drugs, busting heads, breaking hearts but did they really? I mean with all the mumbling, I can’t say for certain what they were saying and I refuse to go back. I only made it through the album because I was hoping somebody (Quan, Thug, Shad, some new cool artist) would POP up on some random track and I could always brag, “I heard it first!!!” That didn’t happen. The longest songs were 2min. There were 2. The first 2 tracks. Both were terrible and set the tone for the rest of the album. I don’t know if this really a Cash Money Records production but if so….. *whistles* My how the mighty have fallen.

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