4-star Album Review: 40 Days & 40 Nights (Mickey Woods Jr., 2020)

My 4-star Album Review: 40 Days & 40 Nights (Mickey Woods Jr., 2020)

Mickey Woods, Jr. was on my playlist due to the impact of UGK. The powerhouse rap duo littered my childhood with beats, thoughts and memories. When a friend asked me, “Yo, you heard about the new Port Arthur dude?” I was in. I hadn’t heard any rap from the area since UGK and whoever came out, must have something.

40D40n popped. His wordplay was nice and I got the vibe of somebody about to bring the real 16bars, spit about the complexities of life beyond the typical “drug game rapper”. I was excited thinking that he would have a unique style, “outside-the-box” verbiage or just you know, be DEEP but cool. The next few tracks were different with the technics, beats and chorus but none just stood out OUT. Song #7, fill the void, introduced Breona Mecole and Mickey Wood’s lyrics played well with her singing the background. Deja Vu featuring Dinero and TTBBY was cool beans but my semi-favorite joints on the album were Remedy and The Usual. Each of these tracks gave Mickey a soft melody to spin his lyrics off and he responded with a deep chorus and intriguing verses.

relocated a mountain brought the album back to its original feel/vibe and I appreciated that.

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