Kendrick Avant 2-star Movie Review: Becky (Kevin James, Lulu Wilson, 2020)

What interested me in this film?

The whole plot. I’ve seen a thousand movies where some hardcore family member must defeat the obstacles to save said family. It’s a pretty classic action movie set up and usually comes down to the ACTION scenes, fights, explosions, assembling makeshift weapons, yada yada yada. I’m never looking for good acting, love scenes or NONE of that stuff. Family is taken/killed/abused, main character saves/avenges them. Simple. *dust hands*

Kevin James, I’m familiar with. He was the star of King of Queens, comedy series about a couple trying to make it in Queens, N.Y.. It is funny as HECK! 🤣🤣🤣 *slaps knee for extra effect* His movies and stand ups are barely funny but I’m cool beans with the guy. This Lulu Wilson? She’s biiiiig in horror/scary flicks. Ever seen Annabelle? I haven’t! Da lil handicapped homie don’t do horror, scary, gore, bloody, gross, none of kinda that stuff.

I was NOT ready for this film! If I was, I probably would’ve rated it a 1-star. Yoooo. 😑 Plot holes? ✔ Poor character development? 💯 Waaaaack action scenes? 🤦🏾‍♂️ It had them ALL. Even had the nerve, the AUDACITY, to leave an “unsolved issue” or “mystery”. The saving grace was the fact I had never seen Lulu Wilson in anything. HER acting piece was on point. I’ve never seen a twist like this and the way she did her character, I believed.

Kevin James was NOT good. It was my first time seeing him play the bad guy and although he LOOKED it, still gets a thumbs down.

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