SuckaFree Update: Week 5 was quiet AF

A look at the 5th week in the SuckaFree Madden CFM (Connected Franchise Mode)

The 5th week went by quiet AF in SuckaFree. Hawkeye of the Dallas Cowboys is out-of-pocket for awhile. Rocket of the Philadelphia Eagles is MIA until he fixes his PSN issue. Kaso hasn’t been active since that Super Bowl loss to Pickens. Accusations of cheezing made SOME users go into that “F-dem-dudes-I’ll-play-MY-shit-and-be-quiet” mode. Either way, it was low key and boring.

What DID get thangs kinda going was the claiming and calling of teams for Madden 21. Unless that team is your FAVORITE team, OGz (the original users) get seniority and priority. There are special concessions; Ant Joh keeps the Jets even tho a newbie. But otherwise it still mostly open. Cowboys (Hawkeye) and Washington (MuthaFugga) make the NFC East closed. The AFC West is closed with Commish Funky taking the Chargers and old skool champ Cyco returning with his original favorite Denver Broncos. Bowman has 49ers and another ol skooler named CaptainFlu bounces back as the ONLY Texans user ever. So, by MY count,  that is 7 teams taken with Kaso gifting Ravens to Bball making eight. Eight on July 24th, 2020. Kaso would call next, 3x champ Pickens after and THEN, first call, first coach.

MuthaFugga’s TN Titans keep it close but fall again to Funky’s Buffalo Bills

FINALLY! The gaaaaah dog Titans played a close game vs. a user! Look, say whatcha wanna say but what YOU see is their best effort in a PRIMETIME game. MuthaFugga built the Tennessee Titans in the image of the 1980s Giants and after three FULL seasons, their negligence of their offensive side BOOMS inadequacy and insecurity. Deondre Francois was allowed to throw but 3 drops by his WRs and TEs killed playcalling rhythm. On defense, Frank Castle, 4.5 sacks, erupted but the 3rd quarter belonged to Patrick Holmes. Twice the former MVP broke containment to make plays of 35 and 65 via scrambling and gambling. The result? Another Buffalo victory but the league noticed Tennesse may actually surprise a user this year.

Offensive Studs

Tavarres Earl, 6’5, 225, Physical WR, South Carolina

In South Carolina’s first SEC game since their shocking Championship run, offense took the stage. The Gamecocks sent 2 first rounders (one a Heisman safety) to the NFL but entered its title defense under fireworks and light shows. Earl was beasting the entire Auburn defense, 8rec, 185yds, 3 TDs, but his final catch was tackled just short of the winning TD.

South Carolina 28 @ Auburn 33

Defensive Stunnas

Angel Wilcox, 5’9, 214, Zone CB, Auburn

Angel Wilcox is a talker, certified, born and bred talker. His game saving tackle of T. Earl gave the Tigers their first SEC win in a full year. Wilcox battled all game and his resilience showed when he recovered after Earl’s highlight 46yd reception over 3 CBs to drag the physical specimen down just short of his 4th TD.

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