SuckaFree Week 6: It is what it is

A look at the week 6, season 2029 of Madden 20.

Week 6 slid in without much of nothing. Everybody did muuuuuuch better smashing the CPU without needing to break records every game. Commish Funky didn’t threaten anybody. Ant Joh was quiet. Now, Rocket returned from a brief hiatus and looks to leave a permanent mark in SuckaFree but other than a few user games, that was about it this week.

Latpack’s TB Buccaneers return the favor vs. Delma’s Detroit Lions

What a shootout! In the hottest game of the week, Latpack did to Delma EXACTLY what Pickens did to Latpack. What I mean is, turnovers and key user plays. The two users traded offensive slugs all game and both used the running game to hammer home TDs. Delma’s Dwayne Wake did the doggone thang and rushed for 285 yards and 5 TDs. Latpack responded with his two-headed monster of C. Okoye and W. Dunn, each had over 100 rush yards. The game came down to those mentioned turnovers. Detroit QB Larry Johnson threw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 INTs to Tamba Bay defenders. Joey Bradford may have earned his first pro bowl based on the 3 INTs he snagged. The biggest play? Latpack’s Deontae Colvin took a KO 102 to the house that effectively broke the comeback spirit of the Lions team.

48Bars and the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat Bball’s Raiders.

The guys played a goooooood game and you know it was gooooooooood because BOTH said so. 48Bars was up by 3, had possession of the ball, 1st down and 30sec. left when the power went out. This ain’t the Miracle of the Meadowlands and Herm Edwards coaches college now so, victory is earned by 48Bars.

Kaso’s Browns go to Tennessee and take on MuthaFugga’s Titans.

Neither player has made any attempt to play each other. Kaso because he’s lost interest in Madden 20. MuthaFugga because Kaso can’t do early games. This reporter is guessing that the game will be done on advance by the CPU.

Wade Cantwell, Poss. TE, 6’6, Kansas

Cantwell, true JR, came into the 2029 college with high hopes of building on a solid sophomore campaign. The TE has struggled with the new scheme. His potential was based on his athletic talents. Blessed with a smooth stride, Wade has been unable to separate from coverages and identify matchups. In addition, the new scheme calls for the pass catcher to block more than run routes. SEC defenses have noticed his unwillingness and Texas A&M disrupted the Jayhawk offense by running simple stunts and and power rushes straight at the TE.

Jamal Ewing, Power RB, 5’10, 227lb, Georgia

Ewing has taken the Georgia backfield’s starting RB position. Once only given opportunities to smash for first downs and short yardage, the redshirt Jr has shown the fabled “extra gear” during each of the Bulldog’s opening contests. After 6 games, Jamal leads the NCAA with 840 rush yards and 6 TDs.

Aaron Goings, Elusive RB, 6’0, 215lb, LSU

Aaron Goings put on a show vs. Ewing and Georgia. The senior RB rushed for 130yds in his first start, caught 6 passes for 80yds and scored 3 TDs. His ability to find cut lanes flustered the Bulldogs defense but the Tigers fell 38-24 as Ewing rested the entire 4th quarter after rushing for 111 and 4 TDs himself.

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