SuckaFree Week 10: Division leaders & šŸ‘€ stats = sins

Ad deep dive in the SuckaFree league where we look at user games, stats, division leaders and draft stories.

It’s Week 10 already and pace is beginning to pick up. Users are playing their games fast AF and hoping to get as much in before that Madden 21 drops on August 25th. Rumors are circling that Bowman (respected in SuckaFree like your GOOD uncle) is quitting until the release of the new Madden. *sigh* Maaaaaaaaaan, would sho hate that development but ain’t not point trying to beg/convince somebody to stay. No thing is for sure, if your heart is not in playing the game, you’ll start losing to the CPU. I just did myself. Well, I tied the CPU Chicago Bears after their defense sliced me up all game. I came in not really excited, just wanting to finish real quick so I could start THIS particular post and ended up tying. *ashamed* It’s all my fault. I mismanaged my time-outs too. THEN tried to force passes in an effort to develop a passing game for the playoffs. I wasn’t even mad, throwing my controller, cursing TF out the game in front of wife/kids/etc Nope. Loss made perfect sense because I wasn’t focused and starting trying NEW shit. Whatever tho right?

We gonna get into somethings this post. Time for a lil deep dive so I’m rolling out game stories, looking at stats to warn boys and peeping at the division leaders.

This user (*points to ANT JOH*) šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ What up on ya SPECIAL TEAMS homie?! It cost him vs. Latpack’s TB Buccaneers.

This game was predicted to be a slobberknocker and it lived up to the billing. Latpack pulled out the W based on key ass defensive plays including a MONSTER PICK-6 by his free safety Walter Reese. The sophomore made the highlight of the game when he read Jets QB V. Rouse’s eyes and goaded him into the mistake. 98 yards later the Jets were down by 7 instead of up by 7.

The Jets suffered another “big face” to the pride when veteran K, Zane Gonzales, missed two early XPs. The loss of confidence forced Ant Joh to go for two the remainder of the game and helped usher in the 1pt loss.

Delma’s Detroit Lions look to upset the 3x Consecutive Champ ATL Falcons & Pickens.

The homie Delma got his work cut out for him. Pickens comes in team morale strong as possible, calling every play right, making sure no players on his squad actually over the limit with stat. Dude doing it and doing it well. Delma must be the first user to solve that legendary ATL defense based on morphing between 34 odd and basic pass protections that show off his stick skills.

Delma’s Lions 14 vs. Pickens’ Falcons 28

SNAP! It’s the bi-annual SHIT Talkers’ Superbowl! Ant Joh’s Jets look for 3x in a row vs. Funky’s Bills.

Maybe it’s just me but this is the game I wish to see every time. Ant Joh and Funky are known swag banging, never showing respect, short memories, booty excuses and calling others out. When they clash, their slugs go waaaaaaaaaay back to damn me middle school, TJR of Nacogdoches, TX! They both have a tendency to take shots to the dude writing these stories too so ONE day, I’ll watch them them play and really write something spectacular.

Stat leaders gotta be careful!

Sewell and Robbins are on pace for bout 30 sacks. That would be close to crossing a line with stats and the result would be costly auto losses. Run your lil ol cheeze plays but SUB other players to get the stats/numbers. I’m trying to save kats.

Now, bout dem division leaders… #Respect

Well, #Respect to everybody SHARING a division. The Titans and Lions got it easy thaaaaaan a MUTHAFUGGA bc they only have CPU teams to worry about.

Pickens (Atlanta Falcons) and 48Bars (Pittsburgh Steelers) stand alone at undefeated 8-0. The champ, Pickens, gotta be careful with those stats and stuff because…

I got big respect for whatever the hell 48Bars is doing in Pittsburgh. His old MLB Devin Bush leads tough defense. Old Mariotta is running the offense. None of his players are on cheeze warnings so he must be playing pretty much straight up vs. CPU.

The Titans just tied the Chicago Bears and stand 5-3-1. They’ll make playoffs because no other user in their division. Still, they haven’t beat a user all Madden.

Ant Joh is looking for his first division crown since joining the league. His losses are to other top users and the guy is picking up steam, feeling himself and rushing everybody to play.

Bball is back! The original NCAA member has the division lead, X-factors at every position group, players on trade blocks and quiet in the chat group. That means, he is focused OR getting wins on sim and nobody noticed. Clock? What happened to that guy?

Delma is the other users in a division alone. Without true division competition, it’s difficult to tell if he is weak like MuthaFugga and the Titans or just another regular user struggling with the stick skillers.

Does the champ really need another line or two about him? NO. Latpack? The guy is on a roll lately and knocking off users one by one. His real test is playoffs and specifically, division opponent, Pickens.

The Giants are the lead right now BUT that is because Rocket of the Eagles and Hawkeye of the Cowboys were of pocket for awhile. The CPU took advantage and made the division interesting as hell with 8 games left.

BigPrin may be the user to make Bowman first start thinking about early retirement. BigPrin is leading the league in rushing and always plays other users close. On top of that, he will straight tell the whole league that he doesn’t fear Pickens, Rocket, Latpack because he beats them in OTHER leagues.

ACC PlayMakers edition, vol. I

Leon Knox, deep threat WR, 6’4, 218, Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh athlete is a basketball player too. Last year, his coaches demanded more of him on the football field and he responded by coming into the season 10lb heavier and able to press coverage.

Donnell Watt, deep threat WR, 5’10, 182, Louisville

Watt is the son of a star, just not the traditional football star father or track mother. Donnell’s father is legendary Houston musician, Michael ‘5000’ Watts. As a child, his mother spelled his name without the “s” hoping to save him from family that may use the connection for selfish purposes.

Keenan Hargrave, speed RE, 6’1, 250, Virginia

Hargrave is debated as the best DE on his own team. His pass rush moves are grounded in kickboxing and wrestling as the senior leads the nation with 9 sacks, 14 TFLs.

Brock Beard, power RE, 6’2, 300, Virginia

Beard is the true starter of the VA’s 1-2 pass rush duo. Brock plays the run well, chases QBs and has the ability to stay ON the field during obvious rushing situations.

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