SuckaFree Week 11: The Champ punking the rest of the league.

A review and preview of week 11 in the Madden 20 league titled, SuckaFree.

He beat Ant Joh and immediately spewed hate and negativity. The 3x consecutive Champ, Pickens, doesn’t talk near as much as he used to. His M.O. has been to lay low, drag users around the virtual field and move on. Even his “GG bro” feel insincere. The guy just wins. He’s more Michael Phelps than Bill Belichek because at least Belichek takes a few early losses, maybe a close win or two. PICKENS?! It’s every week, double digit victories and he’s back in the lab, back on the trade block, back signing some no name, fringe player under 26yrs old and transforming the guy into a certified tool. šŸ˜‘ After his win over the Jets, he proudly warned SuckaFree that only BigPrin and the Rams offered him any real competition. Well, *takes a shot* Guess that’s a threat OR promise. Either way, it’s obvious that he doesn’t respect other users. Maaaaaybe Rocket. He’s cool beans with fellow newbie Latpack but the two are like a Michigan/Michigan State rivalry, one sided.

Pickens does his thang vs. Ant Joh. Falcons remain undefeated at 10-0.

Highlights? Pickens had two dudes hit 150+ rushing. He stayed true to form and played smashmouth offense, suffocating defense and pure stick skills.

Ant Joh and Jamal Adams did their best to show out. Again the future HOF safety played the hybrid S/LB that he has made famous and caused 3 FFs against the league’s premiere rushing offense. The Falcons won and dominated gameplay but the Jets made them bleed. Latpack slapped back and Ant Joh cut him.

In a sneaky matchup of Tier 2 users, BigPrin looks to “solid play” another opponent to a victory. BigPrin is known for the rushing offense but lacking a consistent QB, his user games come with great game management and adjustments like whoa. Delma has played regularly since last season. Without a real statement user victory over anyone, his threat level seems to be low.

Delma’s Lions 17 vs. BigPrin’s Rams 27

In the classic “Tale of 2 Halves”, Rocket beats Bball. The game was the ultimate example of former WWF Superstar Brett Hart, “excellence of execution.” In the second half, Rocket adjust his game and attacked Bball weaknesses on offense and defense. 1st half gains of 3, 4, incomplete pass became 1st down, 8, 6 TD. Third downs were always less than 4 yards for the Eagles offense while on defense, they stopped up the Raider run game and forced Z. McGraw to play plays, read coverages and make decisions. The veteran failed and Oakland suffered.

All about the O-Line!

Joe Wells, power T, 6’7, 324lbs, Oklahoma State

Well impressed scouts with a dominant performance vs. Texas in the annual cross state game. Using ESPN’s new app, Love Linemen, fans were able to see that Wells pancaked 6 Longhorn defenders on the team’s way to a 49-24 victory. The talented redshirt Jr. was named the Conference Player of the Week for his efforts.

Conor Crocket, agile T, 6’5, 314lbs, Northern Illinois

Crocket is 4 year starter starts at LT, RT and LG. He also plays the “3-technique DT” in key pass rush situations. Northern Illinois is 7-1 and leading the division.

Sean O’Neil, agile T, 6’4, 312lbs, West Virginia

O’Neil has struggled all year with his play vs. power rushers. The senior missed his 2nd consecutive game with coronavirus and teams have noticed that the offense has not skipped a beat.

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