SuckaFree Week 12, Season 2029:

Previews of users games, reviews of cheeze stats, draft stories and all the stuff y'all like about these SuckaFree updates

Oooooooo! I can tell these users are trying just a lil bit harder these past 2 weeks. I can’t lie, it excites me because it gives me something to write about. Boys don’t understand the struggle of creating this thang on a “SuckaFree weekly” basis when everything is quiet on the homefront. NOW? After Pickens and Ant Joh woke up the league with their back-N-forth assault on each other’s pride, integrity and reputation, we getting some action. Uncle Bowman brushed off the loss to division rival BigPrin and said, “I’m NOT quitting shit. I was just pissed at a bad game but I’m here till Madden 21.” Then ol Commish Funky went into his “protect the SuckaFree shield/history/tradition mode” and questioned Pickens over some cheezing of the CPU. To the 3x consecutive Champ’s record, he didn’t blink or flinch. He took that attack like he does everybody’s best play, stopped it for a short gain, IF ANY. When Funky insinuated that the 3-4 odd was being overused, Pickens responded, “Everybody has key plays from YouTube. Lotta y’all running the classic inside zone from shotgun set but I dig it.” *ear hustling to their conversation* (Y’all know I couldn’t wait to try their NONSENSE out on the CPU in my game and damn near lost BOTH to the CPU! I struggle as IS and listening to them got me going back to my own original, custom, playbook/schemes/set. *shakes head* I bet they BOTH just said some plays and I fell for it.)

BigPrin’s LA Rams lose to Pickens’ ATL Falcons

Aight. I’ve seen enough. BigPrin is officially right there with LatPack, Rocket and Hawkeye Tier 2 users. BigPrin outgained Pickens in the air and on the ground. Armed with the one of the wackest QB rooms, he moved the rock up and down the field vs. the champ. He even limited Pickens vaunted, old school, high efficiency, Patriots like offense. What he could NOT pull off was the battle facing every user, freaking TURNOVERS!

The Rams QBs combined for a pitiful game. Pickens escaped the clutches of defeat without ever actually facing defeat. He simply allowed the yards, shut out the red/green zones and made the plays. The BIG plays. The WINNING plays and remains undefeated with 2 user INTs.

Funky & the Buffalo Bills return to the Meadowlands and face Ant Joh’s NY Jets (Shit Talking Super Bowl VI)

Division rivals so they go at it twice/year for the division title. Funky probably won’t win the game or the division because Ant Joh’s unorthodox defense and playstyle is challenging everybody now.

Funky 17 vs. Ant Joh 27

CPU goes “Madden Mode” on Latpack’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It happens to all of us. I had to scuffle my ass off and tie the Chicago Bears last week, IN OT. This week, the homie Latpack fell victim to the infamous Madden Mode. Madden Mode is when the CPU goes full, vintage, Joe Montana with ANY QB and has a super game.

Boom. Rob Houser of the Panthers is the example. 83%, 5 TDs and damn 400 yards.

While it is good that users are still trying to win…

MuthaFugga of the Titans is wrong for this game and deserves whatever the Commissioners decide.

Ol Bowman gets his FIRST warning for anything with this game He probably won’t even get that because it’s not that bad. Yeah, he broke 300 yards but on 15 catches is reasonable for a user game. The Titans tho? NOPE. *LOL*

Real talk with this fellas. Verrett looks GOOD, not great, as prospect. His talent says 2nd round or GOOD. Then along comes word of this, against Texas Tech, senior collects 5 sacks, 2 FFs, 4 TFLs, 1 blocked kick AND and defensive TD off a returned fumble-6. He now leads all of Division II in season totals of sacks, TFLs and FFs. Verrett’s name may ring a bell. The once promising TCU 5-star DE was dismissed from the university after leading a BLM march on campus to remove local boosters over their language.

Lindsey Nick, D-line, Boston College

A projected 3rd round pick, Nick suffered a torn ACL and will miss the rest of the season.

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