Kendrick Avant 5-star Movie Review: Sam Jay (Netflix, 2020 comedy stand-up)

How I found her.

I had NO idea who she was before I saw it on a bootleg app. (Bootleg apps are those things NOT in the Google Playstore OR A I was SO unaware that when the wife and I started watching it; she had to ask me, “Dude. Is it English? Where is she from because you always getting us excited to READ a movie. *then makes her duck face*

I’m guilty as charged. *winks* LOOK. That is the price you pay for working with the bootleg! Sometimes it doesn’t work (a lot of time actually). Sometimes it plays the wrong movie. Sometimes it “buffers” too doggone much. Sometimes it’s in some OTHER language but regardless, that is how I found Sam Jay, comedian and funny AF. She actually writes for Saturday Night Live and performed on Jay Leno but I hadn’t seen any of her work. I’ll have to pay more attention now!

Heads UP! Sam Jay is bringing the CURSING and CUSSING and whatever else you wanna call it. I mean she is jumping into it immediately, no warning, no crowd hype, no nothing, just straight comes out HARD talking about sex, sexual orientation, peer pressure and everything in-between. Be warned, it is raw but OMG, it is funny, real, sincere, authentic, powerful, thoughtful, everything good. Sam Jay pulls no punches as she weaves viewers through her life as a confused teen into life as a comfortable adult. “Comfortable” adult in her views, feelings, actions, beliefs, all that. I can’t compare her style to anyone because she uses material based on lesbian. Yes, I jam comedians all over the LGBTQ spectrum but Sam Jay is different. She clowns on the subject of relationships because even though she and her partner are girls, men are always racing to assist her more womanly partner. “B*TCH! Get my bags! Open my door! I’m a girl too!” She uses the same rationale to dismantle her partners decisions and expectations, “I’m a girl TOO!” ROTFLMAO!!!! Her delivery is timed well. Her motions and movements are slow and paced. Her expressions are pure authentic. You can see someone is YOUR life making each face, doing each activity and having the same reaction. I LOVED it. My wife LOVED it. We laughed the entire special. Even when we were NOT feeling the joke or story, we still giggled and poked at each other because that stuff had funny elements.

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