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Week 14 in SuckaFree: You are who we thought you were.

Nobody likes being labeled. Don’t NAN dude appreciate somebody else pointing at his ceiling, stomping on his floor. Weeeell, it’s about to be that time. Most of the BIG user vs. user matchups have been played, very few had surprise outcomes. Pretenders, contenders and threats have 4 games left to break out those NEW plays and schemes because the OLD stuff has been exposed.

Bowman fights but falls to Latpack

Bowman came in short-handed, QB Baker Mayfield hurt, but firing and hot. Latpack was hot after a loss to the CPU. The game extinguished the hype on Phil Cruise Missile as the Buccaneer offense overwhelmed the SF defense. Latpack continued to pound the rock and use Superstar WR J. Big for pot shots, big conversions and decoys.

Bowman goes to THE Rocket in a back-to-back playoff like atmosphere

The road gets NO easier for SF as they limp into Philly and duke up with Rocket. The league’s self-proclaimed “Tier One” has crushed pretenders and threats alike. His match-up vs. a wounded SF looks like prey.

Bowman 10   vs.   Rocket 34

Latpack brings new attitude vs. old foe, Pickens

These games are typically one-sided as Pickens is 7-0 vs. Latpack’s Buccaneers. Each game comes down to TOs. The Buccaneers would put the game in the QB’s hands and he would collapse. This year, Latpack has beat OTHER users with a strong 3-headed run game and consistent defense. When necessary, he goes to his old faithful passing plays. Pickens lies in wait knowing this is his final test before ANOTHER title run and ending of first ever, undefeated champ while holding the title 4x consecutively.

Elam is undersized but his initial first step is reminiscent of legendary LB Von Miller. With one loss, Oklahoma looks to enter the NCAA playoffs on the strength of his first step and a vicious pass rush. Elam is 2 sacks shy of the school’s single season sack record and scouts are salivating at his potential.

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