Let me state in written words why I KNOW I'm about to POP. *beats chest* I am NOT scared to step up and succeed!

I live in my own head, LITERALLY. I openly talk to myself without realizing it. You know those kind of people that seem to daydream all day? Lost in their own world? Oblivious to everything going on around them? Damn near childish with their ability to disconnect and stare off? 👨🏾‍🎓 I have a Bachelor’s degree in Daydreaming! 😑 I earned it AFTER my MS diagnosis as I developed natural remedies and maintenance for the various symptoms and pains. Daydreaming helps by giving me POSITIVE beliefs to fixate on instead of the negative nightmares that siege my mental space. It’s daydreaming that has me firmly convinced I’m reaching a breakthrough of legendary levels. I won’t consider ANYTHING else. It’s the ONLY explanation for the evil of negative energy I battle every freaking day. I’m about to have a BREAKTHROUGH.

Sign, in RANDOM order, of my impending BOUNCE BACK!

FIRST day of school! Well, first day back at Daddy’s Academy of Gratitude because I ain’t sending MY kids to nobody’s Germ Independent School District. Nope, not I said da lil handicapped homie. I’ll school home right here at the crib like we did Spring 2020. Regardless, the frigging A/C went out at 1AM. At 8:00AM, it was 83degrees and the Mrs. was freaking out. Things were tight enough as is with OUR economy and here comes the A/C. Me? I never really worried. Yup, heat is NO good for MS but it’s also bad for kids’ patience with each other, wife’s patience period and those school assignments were going to be sacrificed.

We closed all blinds in the house in fear that sunlight would raise the temperature. Oven was shut down. Nobody hung upstairs. Schoolwork? That became the kids’ refuge from the uncomfortable heat. Principal Mommy hung around until lunch but the temperature hovered around that 83 degree starting point. I spent a few hours calling different A/C companies but I just knew nobody was coming for free. (Yooooo. *straight face* $89 for trip fee? Too rich for MY blood homie.)

In the end, someone came out for free. *fist bump* And the repair was NOT the dreaded, “Yeah, you need a new unit.” Noooope. $375 for some piece/repair to the motor outside the crib. I was broke as heck but the tech chopped with me, saw the handicaps, laughed with my kids and repaired it on GP. (GP = good promise. I’d pay according to arranged plan WITHOUT a card, down payment, nothing. Just on a good promise, general purpose.) *mind blown* Daaaawg, I didn’t ask for it at all. On top of that, he was so cool beans, he hit cha boi with “Bro. I like you and your set up. Just do $100/week. Give me what you can because I’m a family run business anyway. You seem like good people.” I damn near cried on his shoulder. Not in happiness to have AC (83 wasn’t that bad. #demkids) but because a stranger would see my handicapped, wheelchair bound, shaking ass and assume I’m good for anything. Then, taking off $75 too. #SaluteMyAssOff

A/C went out 1am. Back cold than a MUG by 5pm. Something is gonna pop for me and my crew.

Fresh AC Tech, LLC

Sign, in RANDOM order, of my impending BOUNCE BACK!

It is August 15th, 2020. I try to teach every single year, spend countless hours doing the online applications, transferring information, updating resumes, writing new letters of interest. My last interview was in 2018 and the principal told me, “Dude. I WISH I could hire you but you’re a retire/rehire applicant. Our district doesn’t do retire/rehire because it’s crazy paperwork taking money OUT your pay to repay your TRS (Texas Retirement System). When you took your money out of TRS, you must pay it back when you teach again.

Well, in August 2020, I’ve had 3 serious interviews to teach. Once, I KNEW I had it buuuuuut… *kicks dirt* I didn’t close any of them. I turned one offer down because it started remote and they wanted they to drive in, on-campus, in-person. *big eyes* No ma’am. I would NOT have applied if that was the case. It is a full HOUR drive. Still, I consider that 2 close wins. I’m gonna get in SOMEBODY school again. Soon and when I do, guuuuuuuurl, I’m gonna pop this thang for my crew and I. (YES with a teacher’s salary. *duck face* I been UNemployed for a few years so I OVERstand budgeting.)

original mycow meme! Sign, in RANDOM order, of my impending BOUNCE BACK!

mycow – Managing Your Child’s Online Work

*beaming* This is my tutorial company that is different from others in that we handle the kid’s online assignments so parents can


How do we do this? *winks* I’m so glad you asked/thought.

$100/week (5 pieces)

•Weekly management 

•tracking completed assignments 

•checking grades EVERY night 

•automatic 2hrs of tutorials 

•rewards for book reports and A’s


•Weekly management 

•tracking completed assignments

•checking grades EVERY night 

$35 1-hour Tutorial 

• Zoom/online

• multiple subjects

$20 30min Tutorial

• Zoom/online 

I’m over hea CRAZY busy creating memes, ads, promos, valuable school information and links. I’m chopping with parents on how to help/tutor their kids and folks really dig the idea. When this mug take off, ooooooooooooo… POP!

FACTS & GRIT! Sign, in RANDOM order, of my impending BOUNCE BACK!

Breakthrough is coming because I’m moving more efficient. I can feel it in my bones, soul, spirit. I imagine it while meditating. I smile about it while busting those yoga moves and working out. There are times when I’m about to fall and I gather myself. I can’t be out here about to POP and trying to heal from a stinking fall. Again. *makes muscle*

Sign, in RANDOM order, of my impending BOUNCE BACK!

For years, my wife has attempted to grow stuff. This year, it is working. 99% of it is her dedication to her craft. She’s up early watering, up early tweaking stuff, mixing her own compost. Me? I’m out there with her a lot, playing music, blogging, writing, branding, joking and feeling good. I’m feeding off the success of her porchgarden and the vibe enhances what I’m already feeling. Something is about to POP and when it does, the porchgarden becomes a REAL garden. I will retire the wife so she can tend her “crops” and focus on other stuff. I actually post up outside with her, eating a salad fresh from the porchgarden, smoking a rosebud/mint/damiana joint and daydreaming about doing it more. The relaxation is intense and gratifying. I’m telling ya, it is coming…

Sign, in RANDOM order, of my impending BOUNCE BACK!

So teaching isn’t the only gig I’ve tried to get. I’m always applying to something on LinkedIn, Indeed, TWC (Texas Workforce Commission), Upwork, ZipRecruitor, there are sooooo many. Rarely does anything pan out, call back, anything but THIS month it worked. I was excited about landing a basic customer service, work-from-home gig. It looked great until a doggone typing test came up. That derailed everything because… Yup, ol’ Multiple Sclerosis kinda kills the motor skills. The person even said, “Look, we require 50words/minute but you’re so qualified. How about 20?” I took the test three times and couldn’t get over 13. No gig BUT I’m close y’all! *taps temple* It is coming!

Sign? Noooope, this is a promise.

I only sleep longer than 3 or 4 hours if I’m suuuuuuper high OR tipsy AF. The Multiple Sclerosis has expanded into a daily thing with the shaking and leg spasms at night. Daytime too but in the daytime, I’m already awake. These days, a spasm is coming every few hours, legs usually but that neck, head, and eyes do their thing too. It is tied to the breakthrough because all the disease progression implies the bounce back will be greater. Ain’t ever heard the WISE folks say, “It will get greater LATER.” My family lives that creed. I stand on that philosophy. This physical crap just forces me to dig deeper into my Gratitudes. I meditate harder, longer, more focus, more sage. All that positive energy is gonna pop. It will work.

My goal was 2! Sign, in RANDOM order, of my impending BOUNCE BACK!

I am knocking off goals left and right! I came into the year wanting to release 2 ebooks and a novel. I am ON pace and dropped 3 ebooks! Tell me that I’m NOT wrecking thangs! Argue with me that I’m not driven and determined DESPITE everything threatening my peace of mind and ability to heal. I am on IT playa! What are the books about? *grinning*

If you can’t GET better, BE better {Amazon link} – my self help ebook that provides a syllabus for changing your mindset. It’s all the steps I’ve taken to recreate myself from the depression and swamps of MS. I explain mantras, social media, dealing with family/friends, and more.

Da G.O.A.T. (Gangsta of All Teachers) {Amazon link} – my ebook introducing Knowledge Chase. It is the novella of an inner city, Houston teacher and his outside-the-box methods that build trust with students, parents, community and elevate life choices.

Knowledge Chase is Da G.O.A.T. {Amazon link} – This is the 2nd installment of Da G.O.A.T. (Gangsta of All Teachers). It focus on the backstory of the title character and why he takes the chances he does.

Sign, in RANDOM order, of my impending BOUNCE BACK!

My life is very close is being aligned. Everything I do involves purpose or passion. Either I’m helping people, students, parents, OR I’m building and branding my blog and business. There is little to NO time that I feel like I’m wasting energy, time, resources. The effect is enormous. I enjoy life. I value myself and see my worth. The money will come, the gigs, jobs, clients, readers, etc. All of that will come because I am the ULTIMATE freaking advertisement of what I talk about. Sick as I am? I work on my blog every day. Much as I’m up at night? I’m writing and working my novel, ebook, etc. All these MS remedies? Material for my blog, brand. I’ve already set up tutors to help me with mycow – Managing Your Child’s Online Work so I give back to my people, my squad. This is what I do and who I have become. I am an Agent of Gratitude and I serve the community, local or online! My purpose is helping others. My passion is storytelling. It is evidence that I’m on the right track! Something will POP!

Watch what I do!

When everything does POP. The OLD me gone. No more fears, stress, worries and tripping over my illness and symptoms. Bet I’ll be able to sleep despite the MS because the celebration will go for YEARS. Call me whatever you want, silly, dumb, childish, fool, what-TF-ever but the OLD, scary me is gone and only the new, grateful me will remain. POPPING LIKE A MUTHAFUGGA!!!

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