SuckaFree Season 2029, Week 15: The Champ has stepped DOWN and the LAST trophy is wiiiide open

SNAP! The Champ stepped down and opened the door for SuckaFree's FINAL Ring-Holder!

The scandal broke the internet. The scandal cracked reform movements. The scandal all but killed the Atlanta Falcons’ chances at an unprecedented, 4th Super Bowl championship in the SuckaFree CFM. Rumors have always circulated that Coach Pickens of the Falcons was “one of the guys”. His teams have responded with uber development, field speed, stick skills and the greatest trait of all, loyalty. Falcon players don’t take plays off. Their high AF morale from so many damn championships ensures that grit, grind, hustle come standard with every BIG game. Players and coaches of SuckaFree are still reeling from Arthur Blank’s decision to terminate the employment of Coach Pickens following a recently released, high definition, participant signed, game of basketball on a marble floor stained with a black and white, BLM American flag. The opponent? Several characters, wearing KKK masks, getting dunked on and suffering. The video was designed to send a personal message to the former president. Blank has not responded to repeated calls and his legal team released a statement:

“Coach Pickens is terminated immediately. Any member of SuckaFree’s Falcon organization will be terminated if found associated with this heinous video. “

Delma earns his STATEMENT victory over bonafide Tier 2 48Bars

With the score 24-20, facing 2nd and 8, Steeler defense pressed and daring the Lions to run, the Detroit Lions ran. Mason Tyler stiff armed Montez Sweat and dashed 93yards for the TD. With highlight deflated the Pittsburgh team, already struggling with Mariotta’s sketchy passing and Detroit salted the 4th quarter away. For the prize, Delma earns his first BIG win vs. another user and wakes a slumbering Rocket in Philadelphia. The Lions are hitting their prime gear with the playoffs weeks away and no Pickens to worry about.

Rocket soars over Bowman at Lincoln Field

The SF 49ers are missing Baker Mayfield. The team doubled down on defense and traded away star WR I. Smith for the final season of SuckaFree. Their plan? Ground game and improved defense to beat the new users. Avoid turnovers. Keep things simple and don’t lose the game. The plan hit a snag with Mayfield’s injury because Missile can’t capitalize on defenses loading up to stop the running game. Rocket did that. Of course, that ignores his offense going up and down the field all game long. Rocket looks ready to kick in the door of Tier 1.


Ant Joh loses the to CPU Carolina Panthers too.

Ant Joh has no excuse. He reads the blog. He gives his opinion on material that should included in the blog. He points out stuff ALL the time. Well, let us remember that entire SuckaFree league was warned about “Madden Mode” and in particular, their QB. He didn’t pay attention and becomes the 2nd user team to fall to the Panthers. #YikesDawg

Deon Bird has been compared to Deion Sanders his entire life. His Heiman trophy puts him with Charles Woodson and TN’s D. Ruffin as the only secondary players to win the coveted trophy. Unlike Ruffin and Woodson (both won the NCAA ring in their winning seasons), Bird didn’t have the luxury of a title to benefit him. Instead the redshirt sophomore stood on his record of 2 seasons, never allowing a TD while returning 6 kickoffs and punts for TDs. Bird even blocked 2 XPs in his final game!

Townsel came to UNC to play basketball. The talented senior WR was a 5-star shooting guard, aggressive defender and McDonald’s High School Dunk Champion. He leaves as the school’s single season record holder in catches, yards and TDs. The Tarheels’ Julius Peppers convinced him to play WR as a sophomore and since, he developed into an All-ACC player.

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