3-star Album Review: Queen of Da Souf (Mulatto, 2020)

My review of Mulatto's new album. Guess she grown now.

Where I know her from…

2016. She won the first season of The Rap Game, TV reality drama surrounding kids trying to be rappers on Lifetime. We, our whole family unit, used to watch it because I’m a fan of everything related to So So Def Records. Well, she won the first season and I remember that she was the best. The fact that she was wrecking on little kids, youngest was 10, didn’t really help “predict her success”. I had forgotten all about her until that song, B*tch from Da Souf.

She ain’t 16 no mo’. The album is definitely jamming. I will not debate that with a single soul. Mulatto always had “bars”. I mentioned earlier she won, The Rap Game, and that was the strength of her lyrics. Five years later, she still has those bars. She can write awesome similes and metaphors, connect dots, draw vivid pictures with her words BUT the album has that feel of the same song over and over. Every song is some version of W.A.P. Yes, it is jamming. Yup, it rocking. It also is the same song. Sex, sex and more sex.

Tracks 1 – 4 are the best of the bunch. They drip with sex, freaky, nasty, Scorpio like sex. The beats are southern, slow, banging and heavy. Pull up, track #5, might be the worst song of the album. 21 Savage has never impressed me but his mumbling, off-beat style highlighted her authentic deliveries. Still, the song was bad. The beats, rhythm, their combined effort was bad. The following skit is kinda wack and excessive but OTHER folks found it “sooo funny”. From there, it was back to her album theme of sex. No song really stood out enough to call attention or name it the favorite. Each made the ladies in the crib start dancing, popping, singing and stuff like that (ALWAYS a win for me. *winks*) but that was it. We got crunk and moved on to the next song.

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