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SuckaFree Last Playoffs: Round one aka Wildcard Weekend

Aight. Y’all do know that’s ME right? I’m the GAH DAMN SUPER UndaDawg (Super Underdog)!! 🐢 I ain’t beat nan user all season. NOBODY. Closest I came was losing by 3 to Funky earlier this season. That makes ya boi, ME, the greatest underdog in Madden history. Could I go on a run? Pull an Eli Manning-esque move and shake the world by winning the whole thing as a wildcard?! πŸ’ŠπŸ₯ƒπŸ’¨πŸ–•πŸΎ We GON SEE!

48Bars (Steelers) is the 1 seed and probably plays Ant Joh (Jets) in round 2. I’m waiting on Bball vs. Clock. The winner of that matchup faces whatever I can bring. “Uncle” Bowman is waiting on BigPrin to respond about a game date. Meanwhile, πŸ™πŸΎ to the homie Delma! I knooooow. I did not notice the auto was off for Pickens. He should handle the CPU Falcons.

And on ANOTHER note, *dusts hands* Where does Kaso come from a full month after quitting the league? And he whining about his legacy? And he bragging the disabled dude never beat him? His entire wack and weak ass mockery of aggression was highlighted by piss, poor grammar and, AND “alternative facts”. Why pick a fight with the guy that blogs our adventures and etches our records? Easy. He’s flat out full of SHIT. He’s the youngest in the franchise and it shows. He’s incapable of “presence” and exhibits nothing but classic, “bravado, invincibility of youth” characteristics. For all his winning and *yawn* titles, he doesn’t grow. He just excels at stick skills, in league of grown men, that don’t play as much him. Long as you follow our rules, we ain’t really tripping. But KASO? Last year, for some trusting reason (REALLY, my brother and I were beefing). Funky gifted Kaso with control of the GroupMe text AND commissioner status. (He then moved on to play other games.) Know what Kaso did? DELETED THE ENTIRE THING BECAUSE HAWKEYE WRECKED HIM IN SUPERBOWL PLAY! That’s why we lost 2 stalwarts, Cyco and CaptainFlu. Both were too pissed that a dude would intentionally delete threads, franchise, everything. Childish anger and waaaaaaaaaaay too much power. EVERYTHING. Didn’t retire. Didn’t quit. The dude erased our whole, freaking franchise because he lost another game to Hawkeye.

Bball & Raiders to Arrowhead for Clock’s Chiefs

In the final matchup between the 2 users, things moving SLOW than a MUG. πŸ™„ Bball is outta pocket and living the life. Clock? *shrugs* Reporters are NOT stalkers. What I DO know is that both are at their best in a smash-N-dash type of offense. Clock uses RBs and takes shots with the pass game. Bball is running with RBs, WRs, QBs, Wildcats, calling fake punts AND updating the whole GroupMe text on what YOU doing suspect. *LOL* This is their third time playing this season and there is NO next season. Madden 21 drops on Tuesday! What may be the most interesting is that their final game, last week, decided homefield advantage for this week’s playoff kickoff. Woooooooo… *hush falls across the field*

Bball 14 vs. Clock 24 (game called in 3rd quarter because SOMETHING happened)

Bowman and BigPrin for round 3! (game cancelled due to Prin’s retirement.)

*whistles* Maaaaaaaaaaaan…. Bowman has his work cut out for him. BigPrin has dominated the last few matchups BUT word is that Mayfield may return in time for kickoff. That would be HUGE for the 49ers as the injury bug nestled within the team’s core group of veterans.

Bowman 14 vs. BigPrin 31

CPU Ravens at Ant Joh’s Jets

Ant Joh has lost to CPU. A few times but NOT in the last go round. He beat the Ravens already.

CPU Falcons at Delma’s Lions

Delma does NOT lose to CPU at all. This game will be a snore and he’ll move on to Bowman or Rocket.

Noooooope. Ain’t nobody coming back for the draft, free agency, nothing soooooooo…..

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