And so it begins… SuckaFree nfl season on ps 4 (Madden 2021)

The FIRST blog post of the Madden 21 season. We have 16 users ready to fight for the Superbowl again.

*slow head nod* Okay EA. I see ya doing SOME-thing a little bit different this year. For years, I’ve been wanting Madden to put in some kind of way for the offensive and defensive lines to impact the game. I’m a football purist and play the video game in a purist style. In the past, it really didn’t matter if you spend money on the lines because games always came down to stick skills, crossing routes and user hawks. Especially last year. *sad face* EA has added those pass rush moves and it makes a huuuuge impact on my want/desire to play. I’m digging the absence of that damn user hawk. (No more covering the entire deep half AND run game with one player.) I was crazy about those Superstar traits and abilities. So crazy, I come into THIS year with ideas based on my little success in Madden 20. I’m in love with the threat of a CPU learning my cheezes and developing counters to them and the stat-busting players too. *mindblown* I know what you’re thinking. Every release, Madden promises all these cool stuff, new fixes, better animations, everything BUT gives us the same old game. When the patches come out, what WAS good, is broken. As the “player storylines” gear up and Madden Ultimate Team takes off, the developers lose interest in gamers that play franchise mode. Despite ALL that, I’m ready to jump in this mug.

Bada bing. Bada boom. And just like that, we’re back for Madden 21 united under one common goal of raising the SuckaFree Championship ring. It was a rough one in Madden 20. Only 4 users won the title out of 10 long years. Freaking FOUR. Heck man, 3 users won the first 9 and when all three of them quit to move on to other games, Ant Joh slid in to wrestle the final ring from the cold hands of Bowman. Bowman who almost quit during the final season after another blowout loss to BigPrin and the the Rams. *SMH* Matter of fact, *clapping ridiculously loud* Give Ant Joh his props for winning the last title. He was regularly clowned by Pickens, often clashed with Commissioner Funky and even ran one user out the league by talking so much trash. It was only fitting that he win the last ring of 2020 and enter Madden 21 running his mouth already bout OLD stuff. (Like an OLD championship from an OLD game. LMAO!) So to reiterate, only Kaso, Hawk, Pickens and Ant Joh won a championship last year. The other 12 of us were watching, ESPECIALLY my ass. I didn’t beat a single user all Madden 20. Sure, I got in late buuuuuuut… I almost beat ONE guy. *shrugs*

Aight, the BASIC rules first because we know SOME folks need reminders

48hrs to advance. If users can’t link up, Commish will fair sim the game. If one user forfeits by changing times, being unavailable, etc., opponent gets auto win. RESTARTS require a picture or auto loss. Yup, we know dudes reset when a star player is injured. *rolls eyes*

Trading with CPU is ONLY allowed if you take send a picture of the player ON the trade BEFORE the trade! You already know. Dudes in the past had SUPER teams and left the CPU teams with nothing and nobody. We really appreciate the realism and difficulty of building a team to match your playstyle. As such, we have trade rules.

Player adjustments, position changes and the little stuff is a NEW clarification of the rules because there was some beefing and cheating accusations. SuckaFree does NOT endorse unrealistic crap like WRs playing TEs, CBs at LB/DE and other junk. If you want a weight, race, etc. changed, chop it with a commissioner or face consequences.

Cheating/Cheezing/Abusing CPU

There are many names and excuses to cheating, cheezing and abusing the CPU. In SuckaFree, we keep it simple and say, “Dawg. That shit don’t really happen in real life so you bullshitting.” At that point, the Commish will throw out results and give an auto loss. On subsequent infractions, Commish may remove a user completely. Again, these rules vs. cheating, cheezing and abusing the CPU are to the keep the game somewhat realistic. Yeah, we know it’s a video game and there will SOME crazy stats buuuuuut…. If you don’t OVERstand, SuckaFree is NOT the franchise for you and your outlandish, ridiculous 4k rushing seasons, 7k passing, 40 sacks, etc.. How about this for a general rule of thumb? Do NOT exceed any record by 30%. At that point, you gotta diversify your playcalls or something because you can be removed for excessive cheating, cheezing, and abusing the CPU.

Basic Stats to Watch vs CPU: these rules are NOT cemented buuuut…

600 passing yards in game (individual) vs. 700 (team)/ 6k max passing

9 passing TDs in a game (individual) vs. 11 team (team)/60TDs

300 yards rushing in game (individual) vs. 500 (team)/2700 total rushing

5 rush TDs in a game (individual) vs. 8 (team)/ 30 TDs

9 sacks in a game (individual) vs. 15 (team)/ 28 sacks

4 INTs in game (individual) vs. 8 (team)/12 total for individual

25 catches in a game (individual), 300 receiving yards (individual)/170 rec. total

beating CPU by 50pts

New users always want some kind of sheet to exemplify cheezing but there is none here. We treat cheezing like porn, “Can’t define it BUT you know it when you see it.”

Meet the Users

AFC South

Flu of the Houston Texans (Welcome back OG) – original SuckaFree vet. He took a year off but back ready to talk big shit. The only team he has ever used is the Texans.

AFC North

Bball of the Baltimore Ravens – ran with SuckaFree waaaaaay back on NCAA football. His best memory is trading Lamar Jackson to Kaso and watching Kaso destroy the league for years. He felt so bad that he switched teams and went to the Raiders.

Rocket of the Cleveland Browns – personal recruit of Funky and brought specifically to beat Pickens. He never did. He crushed users, cheezed the CPU and fell in the biggest moments.

AFC East

Ant Joh of the NY Jets – the biggest shit talker in the league and last champion of Madden 20. Ant has beefed with Pickens, Funky, Bball, Muddy (now gone), Kaso and even the blogger! (Who fights with the dude that writes stories about everybody?!)

AFC West

Funky of the SD Chargers – The original commissioner of the league and resident Super Hater. Funky runs SuckaFree with a cut throat hand but follows his own rules. He regularly contends but hasn’t brought home a title in years.

Delma of the Las Vegas Raiders – came last year. Doesn’t say much and follows rules.

NFC North

JW of the Minnesota Vikings (Aight newbie. Make me look good!) – newest member of the league. He and Oracle Jankins met in 2007 but never actually played each other. Now, the entire league will test the rookie’s gangsta and snitch on him for super stats.

NFC South

Clock of the Carolina Panthers – another sophomore user. Doesn’t say too much but at least he reads the blog.

NFC West

Bowman of the SF 49ers – Nicknamed “Uncle” of SuckaFree because he’s the calm, cool and collected commissioner OPPOSITE ol crunk ass, crazy talking Funky. Like Flu, he ONLY runs with his favorite team, SF.

Kaso of the AZ Cardinals – long time member of SuckaFree known for winning at least one championship every year but also doing trash stuff like deleting the SuckaFree chatline because he loses.

NFC East

Hawkeye of the Dallas Cowboys – another long time member and defiant AF. Hawk became a local legend in SuckaFree for flirting with the cheezing rules until lines were drawn and defined for all to follow. It is Cowboys all day with this dude.

Oracle Jankins of the Washington Football Team – the BOOTY of SuckaFree because I didn’t a damn user last year at all. I have MS and often have last minute schedule changes, early start times and beg that you “kill the clock” instead of dragging out a beatdown. THIS year tho, I am kidnapping my swag and returning to contender status. *makes a muscle*

Final Thoughts

We are waiting on the September 10th Madden 21 patch to drop before starting the franchise up. It is supposed to stop that automatic quick throw that sometimes happens, fix some cheezing/cheating plays and the usual mess.

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