SUCKAFREE 2021: 1-ON-1 WITH COACH Flu OF THE Houston Texans

Coaching 1-on-1 with old school veteran of SuckaFree named CaptainFlu. He explains where he has been, his takes on the superstar stuff and plans for the Texans. Well, really his plans for Watson because nobody is guaranteed to stay.

Yooo!! We’re getting closer to the start of the SuckaFree connected franchise on PS4. At this point, thangs are juuuuust about set. 13 users = teams, fingers crossed that 3 more are allowed to join and kinda even out divisions. The league has granted permission for the original blogger and historian (King MuthaFugga) to interview select user coaches and discuss a wide array of subjects.

The 2nd interview of the season goes to CaptainFlu of the Houston Texans. He returns to SuckaFree after a year long hiatus to focus on building new skills and complete some home improvement projects. Now that the crib is better than good, crops in rotation and job is settled, he is ready to resume his Madden career. Flu only plays with Texans and has refused any and all offers to switch teams. “Either I run dem clowns into the ground or I’m wack but ain’t NOBODY else claiming MY Texans. I’m low-key tripping on the fact that I left for ONE damn year and the league let us newbies dominate the entire crew. I mean, WTF. I don’t who still playing anymore.

How do you feel about the X-factors? Is anything overrated?

I’m not really tripping the X-factors yet. I know Watson has one but I haven’t figured out to use it and that frustrates me but I know it is coming. I will say that E. Elliott of the Cowboys? Maaaan, that falling forward is trash and I gotta figure out to blow up dudes to stop it.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

My squad has speed, speed and a lil mo’ speed. I love my WRs because BOTH scare defenses into playing deep. My RBs are cool too but like I said, I gotta relearn some things like the cuts, angles and running lanes. I can see myself throwing to the RBs but first I gotta settle down, establish some rhythm and learn Watson’s game. Weaknesses? Everywhere! I’m not ok with my Dline, LBs or CBs. Texans running some hybrid stuff but I want a defense that attacks the QB with blitzes and pressure packages. I can’t see myself letting boys pick me apart and having all day in the pocket.

Who are the most important players on your team?

Watson. What kind of question is that?! You know damn well it is Watson and whatever superstar ability that he has. After that, the LB Cunningham. I watch EVERY Texans so I have personally watched him develop into their best LB period. Merciless? JJ? Don’t get me started. Anybody looking for a DE or LB?

What is are offensive and defensive identities?

I go with the glory playbooks of that Oilers teams. I’m spreading boys out with 3, 4, 5 WRs and letting Watson call what comes next, run or pass. It’s been my thang since Madden came out and I won a ring back iiiiiinnnnnn… *thinking hard AF* liiiiiiiiike…. 2015 or 2016. My defense is simple. Kill the guy with the football. I’ll throw anything at anybody because I’m that guy.

Is anything noticeably different or hopeful about this year?

YEAH. Freaking double tap no longer throws lob passes. That shit is costing me wins and field position.

What is your primary focus this FIRST season? Rebuilding, going for it now or just learning and figuring stuff out?

Rebuilding because I’m in cap hell. I gotta move OFF JJ Watt, Merciless and you know David Johnson is gone. Matter fact, the only person guaranteed to be here is Watson and the Tackles.

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