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SUCKAFREE 2021: 1-ON-1 WITH COACH Knowledge Chase OF THE Washington Football Team

Yooo!! We’re getting closer to the start of the SuckaFree connected franchise on PS4. At this point, thangs are juuuuust about set. 13 users = teams, fingers crossed that 3 more are allowed to join and kinda even out divisions. The league has granted permission for the original blogger and historian (King MuthaFugga) to interview select user coaches and discuss a wide array of subjects.

Aight, let’s get grimy with Coach Knowledge Chase of the Washington Football Team. As a user, the dude got into kinda late last season with Madden because he paused video games to achieve some personal goals. What personal goals? He published two ebooks, started an online tutoring business and pushes an independent blog aimed at changing your mindset. #proudAF When he returned to Madden, the league was besieged with fresh users, hungry, dominant and absolute swag BANGING. Jeeeeez! The final four SuckaFree titles were won by newbies. As for him? It took him two years to rebuild the Tennessee Titans franchise into a respectable squad and on year three, he shattered SuckaFree’s TD/INT ratio (49TD/OINT), punished for cheezing and STILL never beat another human user. Aw yeah, he would crush CPU and developed a nice, lil, ol’ squad but if you don’t beat anybody… Who cares?! This year, he starts fresh, new and at the beginning like errrrrybody else. Will it make a difference? We’ll see but the muthafugga damn sho gon keep trying. He plays best early mornings, remember dude got Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and usually has no problem conceded a loss to others. I’ll say this right here, I ain’t gon be no punk ALL damn year. *rolls up sleeves*

Yoo. Knowledge Chase? *ahem* Who TF are you?

Knowledge Chase is the title character in my books. Bringing THIS energy to SuckaFree.

What’s good Mr. MuthaFugga. *salutes from 6 feet and sits at cluttered desk* Brother, you know who I am. We met at a BLM rally to replace Dan Snyder but I’ll explain to everyone else. I’m a former teacher down in the inner city of Houston, TX. I won Teacher of Year, did some good work with the students, built the hell out of the community and learned a hard lesson with health and wellness. I took some time from teaching, ended up coaching and it somehow skyrocketed into this position with the Washington Football Team. Crazy. Just fours years ago, I was rocking and rolling down south, living my best life and jamming the movement. Now, I’m front and center of an entire NFL franchise as it navigates the removal of an owner and steers towards titles again. *pats wheelchair and the wheels and seat rise* I feel like Iron-Man with these damn chairs. They have hydraulics, custom wheels for grass, mud, water, bluetooth, chargers and screens, the whole nine. There’s no physical reason that I shouldn’t be on those sidelines every Sunday.

Click the link to purchase the ebook, Knowledge Chase is the Da G.O.A.T. (Gangsta of All Teachers)

Why roll with the ragged, Clippers-like, Washington Football Team?!

Are you serious?! This shit all about the storyline for me! Kicking an owner out? FIRST black NFL team president? Youngest too? Former RB that made partner at his lawyer firm for his work with diversity and inclusion programs? Dawg, I had to. I win a ring with this storyline and I might retire from Madden like Michael Strahan. Real talk. Nope, never been to D.C. either. I always like a underdog story and this mug right chea? Washington Football Team? (Rumors that they’ll be the Red Wolves next year tho.) PLUS, *scratches head like a chump* the way I see it, by playing Hawk and HIS Cowboys, I have NO choice but to improve my play, sticks and everything.

How do you feel about the X-factors? Is anything overrated?

I suuuuuper like the X-factors because I feel it kinda evens out gameplay vs. the “stick skill savants” and “cheezers”. Nothing was too much but it took me a nice minute to truly OVERstand how to incorporate them into my gameplan. I actually thought that the X-factors weren’t strong enough. Power RBs? Come on… They needed more juice. Physical WRs should have been the only ones with the Moss ability, not deep threats. Blocking TEs deserved some props but I wasn’t gonna complain because… Well, whatever. I just like playing.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

I’m digging the units. Like for real, I’m digging BOTH sides of the ball. Of course, we have weaknesses *taps on O-line roster clipboard* It starts here, with the offensive line. Our entire left side is deficient and I’m not afraid to say it. I’m not snitching on team weaknesses by saying it. I’m honoring the effort to improve. Our LB core is… a glutton of bodies. Our CBs are a bunch of BIG names. Safeties are another story altogether. That D-line tho? Sweat and Young will be staples for the remainder of Madden 21. The DTs are gonna have to sort themselves out through gameplay because I’m fascinated with the potential of the alternates. We can do somethings on defense IF we figure out the new pass rush moves. Our strength is the youth. We are young everywhere and I know player development will be paramount to lasting in this CFM.

#2 pick in the most recent draft.
Last year’s 1st round selection and currently the league’s fastest DE
Former Conference USA Player of the Year

Sure, I wanted Shaquem Griffin and folks think it’s because of his arm. Nope, we wanted the kid for his athleticism, speed and hustle. He played special teams so he’s proven his grit.

Who are the most important players on your team?

For the first time in my life… I’m talking waaaaaaay back to Tecmo Bowl, I’m trying to build around the QB instead of the RB. Haskins Jr. is young, promising and BLACK. *whatever stares* I gotta run with a Black QB just on principles. Doug Williams was their last Super Bowl winning QB too so the storyline is even better and more realistic. OH and Haskins Jr. went to high school with the owner’s son so all eyes on him to prove SOME-damn-me-thing.

I had no idea that ol’ Terry Mc was gonna ball out like he did last year. I’m a huuuuuge fan of NCAA football, not OSU, so I love seeing the lower drafted players jump out stunting. On top of that, the QBs, coaching, just pure disorganization makes it hard for anybody to succeed in such a place. I can’t turn this thing around a real WR to start with.

What is are offensive and defensive identities?

Like I’ve admitted, I’m a runner at heart. I wanna smash-N-dash like Rockets. Just wreck boys’ confidence and make another user doubt themselves. I haven’t done it yet and I’m moving on to a balanced attack with a strong QB and RBBC (running back by committee) approach. One of the reasons I dig Washington is their RBs. The other reason is the speed of FS Troy Apke. I told y’all I’m a NCAA fan and I got a few teams, Oregon is #1 but then comes Arkansas, Penn State and Miami. Troy was a legit stud in college. PSU moved him all over but he’s one of those guys that stayed his whole eligibility and got better each year. I plan on the doing the same with him.

Love was a one year wonder at Stanford. He was breaking McCaffrey’s records in his super sophomore season but got hurt was never the same again.

Antonio Gibson was actually a WR in college at University of Memphis. He was a jack-of-all-trades but mainly, dude caught passes. At 6’0, damn near 230lbs, we’ll see if he can make the conversion to RB. I sho hope it’s easier on the game!

Is anything noticeably different or hopeful about this year?

I’m straight crunk on the pass rush moves, the fall off of the “ball hawk” feature and a few defensive features. The rest of the game looks pretty similar to last year. These franchise changes are like empty promises and broken records at this point. Every year, we’re told how fly it’ll be in franchise mode but don’t jack happen.

What is your primary focus this FIRST season? Rebuilding, going for it now or just learning and figuring stuff out?

I’m developing players. The team has a bunch of stuff like I like and I feel it’s all about me getting better, learning how to maximize the new defensive features and make Madden match-ups turn into a “thinking man’s game”.

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