SuckaFree Franchise for Madden 21: 1-on-1 with Coach Hawkeye of the Dallas Cowboys

1-on-1 with Coach Hawkeye of the Dallas Cowboys. He is a former 3x time champ and looking to continue his pursuit of excellence this year.

Yooo!! We’re getting closer to the start of the SuckaFree connected franchise on PS4. At this point, thangs are juuuuust about set. 13 users = teams, fingers crossed that 3 more are allowed to join and kinda even out divisions. The league has granted permission for the original blogger and historian (King MuthaFugga) to interview select user coaches and discuss a wide array of subjects.

The 4th interview of the season goes to the three time Madden 20 champ, Hawkeye of the Dallas Cowboys. He was humming along and wrecking last year in SuckaFree last year. Dude won 3 of the first 6 titles, often clashing with his longtime rival, Kaso. The two of them, Kaso and Hawkeye, pretty much take turns winning Superbowls in the league and stomping on the regular users. Hawkeye is known to be a talker. Not a SHIT talker, just a talker. He has beat users by 40 while actually coaching them on better play, DURING THE GAME. *slaps forehead* Who does stuff like that? Beat yo muthafuggin ass in the video game while patiently explaining why/how he is beating yo ass and pushing you to be better. This mess is some Phil Jackson, zen-level, Jedi mind tricks. Actually, it was the missing-in-action homie, Cyco, that coined the phrase, “I don’t play those Jedi-make-you-better-mind-tricks with Hawkeye. I won’t even talk with him because while I’m flipping out over plays, I can hear him calmly talking to the screen.” Hawkeye was held up and expected to defend SuckaFree from the tyranny of ANY new users. For years, he has. For years, when a newbie entered the league freestyling some Tecmo bowl offense based on money plays and cheezy schemes, it was Hawkeye that would figure the newbie out and share with others. Last year, he retired early to focus on home-schooling his son and holding things down during the pandemic. He left with W’s vs. every newbie except one, Pickens. This year, he returns and dragging along the worst player in SuckaFree with him, Knowledge Chase. “Naw, Knowledge ain’t bad. He just thinks he can’t hang but I’m gonna teach him a few things. Help him represent the NFC East with me bc last year was kinda easy.”

How do you feel about the X-factors? Is anything overrated?

I actually like the X-factors. Madden brought a new element last year that was sorely needed. With it, boys could kinda even out the playing field with stick skill guys and cheezy users. It made playing the game in a realistic manner more fun than just running money plays all game. It can overpowered if dudes master the ability and timing. I heard Ant Joh got serious with the “force a fumble” ability of Jamal Adams. If so, I would have liked to see his growth and match up. I’ve always seen Madden as a game of chess, not checkers. All the offensive and defensive “cheezes” have counters but usually, boys too busy to look for it. They just bitch, whine and claim somebody cheating them.

How do you feel about your team? Strengths? Weaknesses?

*offers a glass of brown liquor and big ass cigar to King MuthaFugga* Now, you come in here asking these basic questions like the rest of SuckaFree don’t keep up with the Cowboys. This is AMERICA’s team baby. *blows smoke* You know exactly where our strengths are. Everywhere but Dak P. The league watches NFL Network and ESPN. Our weakness is the secondary. I’m hoping Jerry Jones signs Earl Thomas before the SuckaFree league kicks off so I use him to solidify the backend. I hate McCoy was cut because on the video game, the ACL tear wouldn’t even matter. *winks*

Who are the most important players on your team?

I’m not gonna lie. Dak is crazy important because he is trade bait. I won a few title with him last year before trading him to the Colts for multiple 2nd round picks. I gotta get a QB with high ass accuracy and unafraid to stand still, take the shot and deliver the rock. Kinda like Troy used to. Dak is NOT that dude.

I’m not really sold on Leighton or Jaylen but they’re here for now. I’m cool with DeMarcus buuuuut… At that price tag, I can scheme up a pass rush and use the savings elsewhere. The most important player is Zeke because my O-line is championship caliber now. He stay on the O-line bumper and we cruise to an opening championship while retooling for the long term. I looooooove my O-line and miss Frederick already but it’s whatever. We get thangs done in the D.

What is are offensive and defensive identities?

Offense? We high powered in Dallas. Nope, we don’t believe in all that slow mo, run game, grind clock, scared to throw non-sense. We come out gunning, attacking, slashing. Of course, we take what the defense gives us but sometimes, *passes cigar* damn all that safe talk, safe play and gon get aggressive. It’s like that on defense too. Madden is a game of chess, not checkers, so we don’t play some soft zone and hope others make a mistake. Naw, we go for turnovers and gusto. No nuts, no glory.

Is anything noticeably different or hopeful about this year?

Those D-line pass rush controls. That will make or break the entire experience. If I learn to get pressure with ONE dude, a la A. Donald? OMG…. It is over for the league. I swear, this is the year that boys that play proper, can beat the cheezers and stick skillers. Too many defensive adjustments at our disposal. Zone depths, CB preference, pass rush, guard the sticks, it is crazy this year. Nobody has an excuse for not improving. Get better or shut up.

What is your primary focus this FIRST season? Rebuilding, going for it now or just learning and figuring stuff out?

*pours up again* I am Tier 1 baby. My focus is ALWAYS winning the championship. I’m always the hunted. Boys always giving me their best game. Even when I lose, cats are shocked and waiting on my pop up. Nothing changes for me. It is ring or failure. I win or I learn.

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