SuckaFree Week 2, Season #1: User Games POPPING

At look at Week 2 and the upcoming week 3

Well, paint cha’ boi green because these users BALLING out of the gate. I’m watching as dudes get wrecked and clowned by the CPU. I’m peeping game at the incredible stats produced in the wins. In the past, the first year or so, cats are figuring Madden out, adjusting their custom playbooks, working on timing and establishing what kind of player they are. Stick skills aka video game theory or CLASSIC fundamentals aka football theory. (Dem classics get molly-WOPPED by sticks skills on a pretty consistent basis.) In this first year of 14 users, the lines between Tiers are blurred as folks’ abilities (or LACK of abilities) are put on display. There are upsets, close calls and pure, predictable BEATDOWNS flying in at a rapid pace. I struggle trying to keep up and pump out the weekly posts. The chat gets crunk with sports talk, SHIT talk and even lil’ props to select users for their military service. Commish ALWAYS blasting some user over “boys-need-do-blah blah blah because EVERYBODY begging and texting and private messaging me too much.” πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ Ant Joh is forever late, wrong or loud about EVERYTHING. 🀣🀣🀣 Pickens makes 13 trades per DAY. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ BLM’s schedule is HECTIC. 😎😎😎  DJ PRETENDING to be a sheep. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Rocket smashing competition and winning by DOUBLE digits. 😞😞😞 Thangs just about normal in SuckaFree but the league is JUST learning itself and separating the players.

Game Recaps

Knowledge & the Washington Football Team continues his user game losing streak. Falls to Rocket’s Browns 28-9.

Coach Knowledge Chase: Look man, we got some work to do. REAL work. The squad fought, scratched and competed today but that Browns team is loaded with talent and speed. We wanted to establish the run, neutralize the fabled “stick skills” of Rocket and keep his legendary run game OFF the field. We didn’t do that and it blame lies with coaching. We gotta put boys in positions to make plays. The Browns rookie? Grant Delpit? He DOMINATED our WRs and ran the freaking routes for Larry and Terry. BOTH of those picks were…. Geez. Our Dline was AIGHT but when the offense doesn’t move the rock, what do you do? I considered Tyrod but the man literally pulled in on gameday. He hasn’t discussed a damn play so I didn’t. Haskins MUST develop tho. I don’t plan on having a pick high enough to get another BLACK QB.

Bball’s Ravens impress in their W over Flu’s Houston Watsons (err, Texans πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ€£) 42-28

Numbers don’t lie right? Bball used the fear of Lamar Jackson to set up running lanes and pot shots in his win over Flu.

Flu is learning to break the pocket and catch those fast ass WRs at different levels. (Y’all remember when he won throwing that TD with one GAH DAMN EYE!) Ravens/Texans is the first user game without a single TURNOVER in….. Shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiid, might be forever. Bball’s running game was the difference as he kept the Texans on skates fearing the mad dash while zinging dots on his his way to a near perfect offensive performance.

Jaylin’s Chiefs lose a CLOSE one to the division rival Commissioner Funky. 28-31

If the homie Jaylin thought that by coming back as the Superbowl champs, WITH that boi P. Mahomes was gonna make his life easier. He was right, it will. If the vet, Kaso didn’t tell him (the two are cousins) that SuckaFree got a lil harder since he last played, *shrugs* I KNOW Kaso warned him. Kaso HAD to tell his cuzzo that “Dawg, Funky don’t like passing. Funky gon try smashmouth. Funky play it safe.”

Looks like Jaylin will have to spend some time in the lab, develop some OTHER options because right now, he has P. Mahomes looking like a turnover machine!

HIs dependence on T. Hill is shown by the close W over Flu and this game to Funky. If I was a gambling man, (gah damn right I am) I would bet that is the root of his offensive issues. He’s dropping back, looking to Hill, for Hill and think he being sneaky by moving Hill around in motion or something. Naw playa, these wolves in da Free? They gon ALL try to do the Belicheck thing and take away your best player. Meanwhile, Funky stick to his script and allowed Jaylin to make the majority to mistakes and walk out with a close DUB to start off 2-1, swag banging and feeling good about the future.

Head-BUSTING with the run game. No committee either. One man. One pillow. One Win. When asked about the LATE ASS trade of Tyrod Taylor to the Football Team from the capital city; Coach Funky responded, “LOL! Maaaaaan, whatever. It ain’t enough that we related and shit. The bastad wanna complain about some damn trading deadline? LOL. *wink* I’ll let the Commish review his complaint but we moving on.”

In the league’s first YIKES-WTF of the season, Bowman is spanked by Ant Joh. (These two played the LAST Superbowl of Madden 20!) 7-40

Ooooooo…. Ummmmmm…. I’m just like y’all. WTF? 7-40? Okay, I gotta give y’all SOME-thing so I’ll start with this. DAMN. Nevermind.

Colin K. distracted ass makes BIG plays for his team and OTHERS.
It wasn’t JUST lil Lindsay either. Ballage made BIG runs to prove Ant Joh is more than a fastest RB type of guy.
Now, speed is still his calling card!

Games like this are usually thrown out the window. It’s early but it also shows the difference between a stick skill user and a classic user. Ant Joh will throw ridiculous concepts based on the one-play-TD videos of YouTube and plays defense in the same manner, that-3-3-5-pinch-everybody-press-every-play-user-cover-middle stuff. Whew. Yup, classic users gotta get out their comfort zone, think outside the box and improve their stick game.

Game Previews

BLM/Panthers got some shit to prove. Not to me. I’m just the blogger. *straight face* Not to the commish that suspended him. *lights up* Not even to the league. *blows smoke* Naw, when you rock the name BLM, you gotta bring IT. Whatever IT is, you gotta bring IT because if you losing and shit with the name BLM, daaaaaawg…. Everytime shit happens, we gon crack jokes and compare to IT to YOU. ROTFLMMAO!!!

Prediction: BLM 14 vs. Funky 28

*whistles* Battle of the Big Shots right here. Ant Joh does NOT believe in rebuilding, let that be clear AF. Hell, the damn man showed up at my gal’s house demanding to speak to me over a blog post! *gulp* The J-E-T-S will compete, build a new stadium, whatever but they gon compete and not make excuses. (Except for that stadium non-sense that he complains about. Like he can’t just build a stadium on Madden with everything. Man, PLEASE.) Pickens has been lying in wait. The Quiet Storm works behind scenes, stressing the trade rules, nobody over 25 because he develops players for PICKS and RINGS, reminding the commish that waiting on others is bullshit and staying within the limits for destroying the computer. These two talk suuuuuuuper shit to each other but Pick don’t really mess with others. *looks around* Commish HATES when I give him too many props.

Prediction: Ant Joh 24 vs. Pickens 34

*clapping REAL slow* These two always battle well but usually end up with Hawk winning. Kaso’s decision to run with Seattle made perfect sense for his playstyle based on dem sticks. Hawk is the textbook Cowboys fan. In the words of Bart Scott, “can’t wait.”

Prediction Hawk 24 vs. Kaso 34

The two SUPER teams of SuckaFree talent meet up here.

Prediction Jaylin 21 vs. Bball 28

Meanwhile, in the NCAA

Now, IF y’all recall, on Madden 20 South Carolina was ALWAYS dropping some Heisman defender. For real! I rebuilt my TN squad based on some Heisman FS named D. Ruffin. I think either Pickens or Kaso had a superstar MLB from there, Rocket had a LE, there were some CBs that I wrote about but drafted by the CPU teams. #YouGetItTho

Amari Branch. 6’0. 200lb. Run support FS. South Carolina. 22yrs.

Branch is not here for games. The nation’s #1 JuCo defensive player from Angelina Jr. College’s 1st year in Div. II football, talked about the grind of playing football in small town Lufkin, TX. “Homie, either you play football or basketball but you gotta do something out there. I lost my scholarship to A&M behind my teacher’s testimony but it’s over now. I’m here. D1. Starting. No way I’m going back. Ever. Ball or die.

Colby Meyer. 5’11. 234lb. Field general QB. Virginia. 21yrs.

Meyer has heard it all before. The comparisons to Manziel and Baker. The pudgy build and fat boy jokes. People say he only gets paying time because he’s privileged but he doesn’t care. At 21, the senior leaves the Cavaliers program as the school’s all time leader in passing yards, TDs, wins, starts and INTs. He became the university’s first TRUE freshman to start and stayed four years. That’s right, from age 17 to 21, Colby Meyer’s “generous” body quality has led a buzzing ACC program to it’s greatest heights. He’s now aimed at the NFL and hoping to prove that he is more than Manziel, Baker.

The Browns are NOT shopping Landry buuuuuuut…. He damn sho available.

The Jets are looking are for just about anything and anybody except QB, RB and LT. Holla at him. It’ll be interesting….

The Panthers have decided that Teddy B. does NOT fit their plans. Anybody looking for a QB?

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