Recruiting for THE CFM (Madden21/PS4)

I'm starting my OWN Madden 21 Connected Franchise bc I want something authentic and real to write stories about. This is a CONTENT league with competition rules, required broadcast of games and MULTIPLE commissioners. I need volunteers, participants, etc.!

The Why Behind the league..

I love NFL football. I super dig Madden and been playing every year since it dropped in 1988. We talking 30 years of playing ONE specific video game across the platforms changes, over the years with friends and more. I have been part of an online connected franchise since 2011 (remember NCAA online dynasties?) but wanted to make it a part of my blog in 2020. I started with Madden 20, blog was jumping, the users in the league enjoyed it, I was having a blast. Now, I want to create my own, INDEPENDENT CFM with a my own rules, regulations, definitions and schedule for advances. I want to pick MY team and bring the blog, competition, fun to others. Everybody pick a squad and we roll out the best blog in the Madden Community!

What do I mean by BEST blog in the Madden Community?

My goal? Bust heads wiiiiiiiiiide open with amazing content. *straight face* The beef between users, blowouts, coaching interviews, snitches are heroes, text groups. Dawg, ya boi trying to build something with you. We’ll include championship T-shirts for each season, there will be “games-of-the-week” that must be broadcast, pop up with a podcast of our CFM and just take it somewhere that no CFM has ever gone before. In my previous stop, I created a blog about the SuckaFree CFM (included below as examples) but the guys that play aren’t interested in the content part. *rolls eyes* They don’t want to broadcast their games because it’ll give others “tape to review”. They don’t want to answer my questions for coaching interviews because it’ll give too much information about their teams. #ReallyHomie Of course, they’ll wreck the chat groups if I get a won/loss record wrong, give too much credit or too little credit. Users will even hit me up to speed up the writings! ROTFLMAO!! I like stuff like that because it gives me affirmations of my work and creation. What bores me is this… *stands at podium*

I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. It’s an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks the central nervous system and I’m at the final stages of the disease. Ain’t no “cure” identified in Western Medicine so I’m constantly feeling nerve damage in my feet, struggle with all the RR issues, shake, spasm out and fall, lose sensation in my fingers and a bunch of stuff that you really don’t wanna know about. There will be a bunch of games that I miss due to health, bad spirits or low energy. I’m cool with the losses, beatdowns, all that shit. I WILL defeat dudes every now and then but my focus is having fun playing, building my squad, developing players and blazing a DOPE blog over Madden 21 and the users rocking with me.

Aight, the BASIC rules first because we know SOME folks need reminders

48hrs to advance. If users can’t link up, Commish will fair sim the game. If one user forfeits by changing times, being unavailable, etc., opponent gets auto win. RESTARTS require a picture or auto loss. Yup, we know dudes reset when a star player is injured. *rolls eyes*

Trading with CPU is ONLY allowed if you take send a picture of the player ON the trade BEFORE the trade! You already know. Dudes in the past had SUPER teams and left the CPU teams with nothing and nobody. We really appreciate the realism and difficulty of building a team to match your playstyle. As such, we have trade rules.

Player adjustments, position changes and the little stuff is a NEW clarification of the rules because there was some beefing and cheating accusations. allthingsonelove does NOT endorse unrealistic crap like 94speed, 5’11 WRs playing TEs and other junk. If you want a weight, race, etc. changed, chop it with a commissioner or face consequences.

allthingsonelove Council will handle disputes, rule changes, suspensions and such. In a perfect world, there is a council member from each conference but until then, it’s on me. When to 6 members, we’ll have a council of three, AFC, NFC and me. At 24, we’ll have a member in each conference as planned.

Shit talking vs. Swag banging

I know. I know. I know. *holds hands in surrender* Users are gonna want to talk smack, shit and beat their chest. After all, this is a NFL game we chopping. I’m cool beans with that. Brag on yourself. Tell the world how cold you are because I need, want, demand content. If you think somebody is bullshitting, cheezing, cheating, then call them out on it because I need, want, demand content. What I am banning is the flat-out negative talk on folks’ character, reputation and legacy. If some foolery happens, the council will handle it but all the crazy, aggressive, name-calling, all caps, spamming messages, claiming cheeze just because you can’t stop it… No. Keep this mug positively crunk with swag banging on teams, playstyles, playcalls, contracts and stuff like that. I lost faith in my previous league, SuckaFree, because I quit ONE game at half, 21-0 , and the whole freaking league went ape shit with comments on my integrity, sportsmanship and “heart”. Really? It ain’t enough that I deal with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis every moment of my life? I’m supposed to play through the pain AND make sho I complete the ass whooping so another dude get his stats? I mean, that league went ape shit with the comments and one of the cats was my brother. He knows my disease and still came greasy because I quit at half. The OTHER user was doing his best to embarrass me because he didn’t like the storyline I wrote about him trading Lamar Jackson. Naw playa, sometimes, enough is enough. I’ll exit stage left and return at a later date to fight again.

Cheating/Cheezing/Abusing CPU

There are many names and excuses to cheating, cheezing and abusing the CPU. In allthingsonelove, we keep it simple and say, “Dawg. That shit don’t really happen in real life so you bullshitting.” At that point, the Commish will throw out results and give an auto loss. On subsequent infractions, Commish may remove a user completely. Again, these rules vs. cheating, cheezing and abusing the CPU are to the keep the game somewhat realistic. Yeah, we know it’s a video game and there will SOME crazy stats buuuuuut…. If you don’t OVERstand, SuckaFree is NOT the franchise for you and your outlandish, ridiculous 4k rushing seasons, 7k passing, 40 sacks, etc.. How about this for a general rule of thumb? Do NOT exceed any record by 10%. At that point, you gotta diversify your playcalls or something because you can be removed for excessive cheating, cheezing, and abusing the CPU.

Basic Stats to Watch vs CPU: these rules are NOT cemented buuuut…

600 passing yards in game (individual) vs. 700 (team)/ 6k max passing

9 passing TDs in a game (individual) vs. 11 team (team)/60TDs

300 yards rushing in game (individual) vs. 500 (team)/2700 total rushing

5 rush TDs in a game (individual) vs. 8 (team)/ 30 TDs

9 sacks in a game (individual) vs. 15 (team)/ 28 sacks

4 INTs in game (individual) vs. 8 (team)/12 total for individual

25 catches in a game (individual), 300 receiving yards (individual)/170 rec. total, 2100 rec. yards

beating CPU by 50pts

New users always want some kind of sheet to exemplify cheezing but there is none here. We treat cheezing like porn, “Can’t define it BUT you know it when you see it.”

Now, FINALLY, we get down to business.

How to Join witcha BOI

Franchise Name: allthingsonelove 21 (password is blog)

PSN (Homie, we gotta be friends): Levar_Chase

Chat/Talk Apps: GroupMe, Marco Polo

Official Start Date: sitting at 6 users and waiting on confirmation of #7 and #8.

Disputes, rule changes, etc. handled by the league council.

Teams Chosen Already:

*start with ONE team per division, then 2, then 3 until all spots are filled*

Cincinnati Bengals (me so AFC West is closed until all others divisions have ONE user)

Detroit Lions (VoidStalker13) *never joined*

Dallas Cowboys (HawkeyeDaMan)

Houston Texans (CaptainFlu)

???????? (DarkKnight) *never joined*

Kansas City Chiefs (X2Tuff2Playx) *never joined*

Buffalo Bills (DeadLiftDingo) *never joined*

??????? (?????????)

Open Divisions/Teams Left

*start with ONE team per division, then 2, then 3 until all spots are filled*

NFC South (Buccaneers, Saints, Panthers, Falcons)

NFC West (Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Rams)

Example of what my posts will be like: SuckaFree Week 2, Season 1

Example of how I interview users: 1-on1 with Coach Hawkeye of the Cowboys



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