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Day #5, Gratitude Journal. Sunday FUN Day, 10/4/2020

Why keep a Gratitude Journal at all? (This is the saaaaaame intro for every Gratitude Journal entry. It’s here for the newbies to the journey.)

I try to start everyday with a Grateful heart. *duck face* Potna, I ain’t lying. You can check my IG accounts Queen/King. I get a lil raunchy on the Multiple_Sclerosis_Outlaw but I’m calmer, gentle with allthingsonelove. On both, I start my day sharing Gratitudes, stories of Gratitude and anything related to being Grateful. I’m dead ass serious about my Gratitudes because it keeps me present and accountable for my own energy. I recognize and appreciate the actions, words and energy of others intending me good. By starting my day with Gratitude, I have less MS pain, MS symptoms and MS depression because I’m actively pushing my thoughts towards in a positive direction of Gratitude. My relationships with others are stronger because my Grateful ass notices what others do for me, to me, WITH me. *bows* I could go on and on and on and on about the benefits of being purposefully grateful buuuuuut… *whispers* Pssst, you know I wrote about it…

link to How I Know Gratitude Works!

Why I chose THIS to start my day…

I’m rocking this attitude because it sums up so many of us. You don’t need some wild out, chronic illness to constantly fight the inner demons of negative thought & overthinking drama. Sure, I deal with the same stuff but I’m ACTIVELY taking steps to improve my mindset by incorporating SIMPLE behaviors. I avoid negative people or/and people that hurt me. When dark thoughts start, I KEEP changing them to other stuff. (May take ALL day or two but I’m GON keep changing them till they stop!) I dive into books, video games, series, writing or work. I’ll play on social media but WHATEVER I’m doing is to handle me and MY future. I have to keep going. It doesn’t matter what else is going on around me; I gotta drop the overthinking, wondering why, how, when, wishing I did something different. I was NOT a victim of my past today!

#Mindset #Focus #Goals but #KIG = Keep It Grateful

5.) I was productive AF today. *makes finishing move sign* And when I say productive AF, I mean productive AF. I don’t know if it’s the vitamins (D3, Magnesium & K) and new tea or what but I’ve been on IT all week. I spent Saturday studying and passing the TEFL test. Today, Sunday FUN Day, I had a tutorial session early and it went clean through the early part of the Texans game. (They lost anyway. *eye roll*) I jumped on my blog immediately after that and knocked off the post to start the season. (We have 5 people so far but YES you can join too. We need a user in the AFC West, AFC East and NFC North. It’s called the allthingsonelove 21 on ps4 but click the link for more info.) Damn near didn’t write it because I finished the whole thing but didn’t realize the internet was out and lost the entire thing. *tears up making Arthur fist* I cleaned the kitchen and THAT took forever because… Well, I am disabled. *shrugs* Speaking of said kitchen, my eldest and youngest daughters stopped and gave me serious eye contact and thanks. *beats chest* I LIKE props too! Then, bust out the yoga mat and did my daily session before starting this post right here! MAN. WHOA. I don’t know where all the energy and action came from but I’m riding the wave and giving BIG thanks.

4.) Made a lil money today! πŸ’±πŸ’± I don’t do weekend tutorials much. Sunday FUN Day, I did just that. Crazy because the day before I mentioned that I needed about a C-note in medication. Next thing you know, a client called and scheduled just about the exact amount that I needed. #Boom. Tell me there is nothing to this Gratitude and I’ll tell YOU to gon about your business over THERE somewhere. I’m on to something and straight surfing the wave of energy.

*stranger in the crowd* “Why don’t you start betting games or something then? Make a little MORE money?

Maaaaaaan…. PLEASE playa. Betting on games, hitting casinos even buying lottery tickets is all outside my alignment, lifestyle and theme of success. I’ll throw a couple of dollars on something when we on vacations and stuff but other than that, I don’t roll like that. Yup, I’ll snatch up a lottery ticket for $1 but I’m really doing it for the rush and “high” of being instantly rich. Naw playa, I made my cash with one of my businesses and I’m good. #SaluteMyAssOff

3.) Hanging out with my son! πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“πŸ˜ Now, my son and I are both gamers. He does Roblox with his potnas. I do Madden with my people. When we hang out, we’re both in the same room, headsets on, hollering at screens, screaming into mics, laughing at each other’s antics, jamming some quick meal in our mouths and back gaming. Our conversations stretch from sports to games, culture, mistakes, goals, everything and nothing at the same time. He bounces questions about growing up and how my parents raised me, how I communicated with my siblings and these plans for moving overseas. He deserves extra props for doing some light cleaning without being told too. Yeaaaaa. My boy knows to do chores before video games!

2.) The Mrs. surprised me with an 18pack! 🍻🍺🍺🍺 *sniff* Not just any ol’, dusty 18-pack either. It is my FAVORITE beer, Karbach Crawford Bock, made in Houston, Texas. *pops can*

1.) Passed my TEFL exam! πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’» *mocking boxing combinations* I had to. I felt it. I got up 5am on Saturday and started up. By 3pm, it was over. Freaking 94% and nope, I was not that confident when I finally submitted my answers. I stared at those ELA subject-verb tense questions like it was an ACT exam. I promise I was sweating like a madman and going crazy changing the answers, going back and forth, second guessing the choices. *whoooosah* But I did it. I finished. I passed and now I move on the lesson plan and essay part. I’m not worried about those for some reason though. *kisses muscle* Snap! You’re wondering what the hell a TEFL exam is huh? TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You need that certificate before the schools and programs that teach English overseas will hire you. My family is planning to leave the United States next summer and I figure, teaching will be my job. I’ll do online or in-person but I want to teach again. It’ll be adjustments due to my disability and illness but damn it, I can do it. I’m getting that certificate and proving it. Jack around and win Teacher of the Year in another country!

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Link to my ebook about an inner city teacher with Multiple Sclerosis in Houston, Texas. Knowledge Chase is Da G.O.A.T. (Gangsta of All Teachers)

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