Gratitude Journal, Day #11, 10/10/2020

Day #11 sharing my Gratitude Journal with the world of social media. Follow me into a better mindset and higher perspective!

Why I chose THIS mug to start my day…

I wanted to swang and bang after my mistakes yesterday. See, I messed up a few things, didn’t get stuff done, let myself slip and today, I want good, forgiving energy for ME.

On to the Gratitudes!

3.) I’m getting OVERTIME today! Yup! Thanks to me jacking up my work computer AND a little bit thanks to MS too. *winks* So, this is how the story went down. I screwed up the work computer trying to reset my password. We get all kinds of usernames, passwords, security measures, VPNs and more. Apparently, you are not supposed to ever change your passwords to ONE, single password. I was just trying to make myself a little bit more efficient, effective. Ever seen The Pursuit of Happyness? Remember when Will Smith saved time on those calls by NOT handing up and instead clicking the button? He was able to handle or contact more clients than the others in his class with more experience and stuff? THAT was my exact thinking when I tried to consolidate my passwords. I just wanted to be a better agent, make my mark and get to permanent employee status. My reward was a Saturday OT and I am nooooot tripping on making a little money today.

2.) Told y’all before; when I wake up and realize I didn’t finish my nitecap… BAAAAAABBY, my morning is gonna POP. I need it too because an extra shift at the J-O-B comes with some drama. I’m grateful for this early AM blessing as I chill, lay low and the constant repeat of the saaaaaaaaame information runs in circles. Work-from-home has its shortcomings like “folks not understanding the computer instructions”, “people can’t navigate the website” and the worst, “Mr.-or-Mrs.-Jump-In-On-The-Mic-Interrup-The-Trainer-Because-Their-Issue-Is-More-Important-Than-Training-Even-Though-Their-Question-Was-Answered-7-Times-In-A-Row. *suuuuuuper duck face of annoyance* Work-from-home will drive you (maybe, it’s just ME) craaaaaaazy. Folks are on all different levels of computer usage/comfortability, frustrated, you’re supposed to wait your turn during training and type, trainer to learners ratio is 1 to 60+, of course there are real deal wifi issues with everybody and they MOMMA online doing something…*long, slow, breath* We get paid so please OVERstand, I am NOT tripping. I can wait forever, getting paid, in front of a computer, phone in hand, frustrated, cool, whatever because I’ll put the audio on mute in a heartbeat. These computer issues and colleague bullshit give me a new appreciation and perspective for my kids’ schooling. I’m with adults and folks don’t listen, don’t participate, dominate trainings with their audio, wreck on the mic with their personal lives and generally make remote working the most inefficient experience of my lifetime. THANK GAWD FOR EARLY NITECAPS!

1.) #SaluteMyAss to my brothers. I swear I wouldn’t be here without them. My wife and kids are MY family. I was a part in the creation of MY family. A Queen chose me to roll into the rest of her life and rock this thang till death do us part. My kids got my back and help around the house sooo much. It’s my brothers that do the actual “maintenance” of my head and heart. They read my blogs. They write for my blogs. They share my blogs. They make the drive to kick it with my handicapped, stuck at the crib ass. If I’m bout to fall out with dark thoughts, drained of positivity and dreading another breath (Not step. BREATH.) when I’m that low, talking down on my potential, plans and pursuits… They stop what they’re doing and come through. It might be to drink beer and vodka outside, blaze and discuss historical events that affect today (We some of those DEEEEEEEEEP ASS dudes). Hell, my brothers will take turns dropping me whatever I need because I need it. They listen to my wild out fears of quality of life vs. quantity of life. If I was left to do this lifestyle, no MS drugs, just natural remedies and preventative care, I couldn’t do it. I’m here because my brothers refuse to leave me squabbing with MS despite what I write, demand and request. I love y’all man. *thumps chest*

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