SuckaFree Year 1: A review of the season & peek at the off-season.

How the SuckaFree season ended, who won the 1st Superbowl, awards, draft, free agency and more.

*already FUCKED up* Well, well, well. Here *hiccup* here we are… AGAIN. Celebrating another season of the almighty Pickens. He and his shield-brother (Bet, you don’t play Skyrim and that’s YOUR fault because it is the greatest video game EVER.) Mongo clashed in the inaugural trophy game and Pickens came out victorious. *crowd stares qs he blows kazoo* Wooooo weeee… The odds were so favorable that I bet a cold milli, ON Pickens, and ended up losing money. *plops down* Hell, I even counseled Jason Smith on skirting with rules so his Washington Football Team could at least compete with the rest of the league. Shit has changed around here and it ain’t going back to the “good, ol’ days”. *hiccup and lights Newport* It’s not all bad tho. Yeah, looks like HE (him DOWNstairs) hasn’t missed a step but the league showed some fight and the drama…. the snitching? The freaking exclamations, proclamations, bravado and flat out bullshit were at a legendary status. All of it made for an interesting, initial season. Flu returned and looks like he primed to stay. Newbie Westbrook joined up and still hanging despite all the hating thrown at the man bout “prove yourself”. Jaylin returned, left and returned again. Ant Joh and Pickens hit new, LOW, levels of shit talking. Rocket wrecked the regular season but fell in playoffs (I’m shocked EVERY time my damn self! He even had C. McCaffrey starting at WR!) Funky banged and bagged on errrrrrybody and they momma. Uncle Bowman made the playoffs with Kaso but BOTH lost to CPU squads in their opening rounds of action. (On the cool, even the NON playoff users were rolling their eyes and big time laughing at those TWO.) WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO HAWKEYE?!!! Raid and Oracle Jankins fought tooth and nail for would be the booty of the league. *stands but falls down* Psss… How you try to tank but mess THAT shit up? The Raiders ended with league’s worst record and #1 pick in the draft. ROTFLMAO!! I can’t make this shit up DAWG! Let’s look at the splash players of the 2020 season.

Award Season


Duuuuude….. Didn’t Taylor start at high-70s? He racked up the NFL MVP, Rookie of the Year, Best RB and freaking Player of the Year!

MUCH respect to anybody that uses a S to dominate users and CPU. Rocket is a stick skill guy and safeties are his SHIIIIIT. Delpit earned Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year.

Ant Joh didn’t jumpstart Perriman’s career. He SAVED it. Breshad was dirt among users for a looong history of doing nothing. With Colin K. and #83, Ant Joh flipped TF out the J-E-T-S storyline!


Oracle Jankins did NOTHING but develop players and build a system in year one. Collegiate WR/KR/RB/QB Antonio Gibson is an example. Once the Football Team found it’s QB, defenses flooded to teammate Terry Mac and Gibson walked away with Rookie of the Year honors rushing for 1200 yards.

Speaking of Terry Mac, the standout sophomore exploded once Alex Smith became QB. Weeks 1-8, he averaged 45yards/game. With Alex Smith, he won the WR of Year and averaged 208 over his final 8 games.

The NFL’s #2 overall pick was 2nd in sacks to his teammate, M. Sweat. Chase ended his rookie season with the league’s best DL distinction over perennial pro-bowlers D. Lawrence, Donald and Jordan. His most sparkling attribute was his commitment to developing power moves and run stopping skills.

Sweat racked up the Defensive Player of the Year and Best LB after breaking the league’s sack record. His willingness to play OLB, off the ball, gave him opportunities to play over Chase Young and opposite the rookie to obliterate O-lines.

BALLERS of Free Agency

Kaso and the Seattle Seahawks – Kaso has ALWAYS been a free agent spender. It wasn’t until Madden 20 and the abilities that he even cared about the draft at all. This year, he’s out the box and gunning for Alvin Kamara and Ron Leary. Kaso and Russell Wilson are learning each other’s game but it is obvious that the Seahawks need Oline protection and speed behind Wilson.

Ant Joh and the New York Jets – Ant Joh is the original bread breaker, BIG Poppa of SuckaFree. No surprise that he does his thing, this edition, opening the hunt with meetings with Marcus Williams, Austin Blythe and a few others.

Raid and the Carolina Panthers – Raid is on a couple deals but nothing super big. He has made it clear that he is rebuilding with his team, his style, his way.

Hawkeye and the Dallas Cowboys – Hawkeye is the consummate, thrifty shopper. He spending THIS year tho as he wines Marcus Williams with other users.

Draft is around the corner!

In a whirl of events, the Panthers and Raid have 4 1st round choices, followed by Oracle and Washington with 3 1st round picks. Bowman has signaled the league that he is actively shopping Jimmy G. and 2 1’s for a chance to get a QB. *snickering* Is Jimmy G worth anything that high? Raid is going to take a QB and from there, it is anybody game. The Football Team is looking at QB as well so users wanting one of those top passers…. #GoodLuck

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