Kendrick Avant 4-star Movie Review: Antebellum (Janelle Monae, 2020 Horror film)

What attracted me to this film…

3.) Antebellum (Janelle Monae’, 2020 horror movie) 🎞 *long, low whistle* Maaaaan, I do NOT watch horror films. No ma’am. I’ll pass on that sir. My brother is biiiiig into horror, gore, creepy and anything else that leaves you with nightmares and ducking shadows. My other brother will watch a horror but he differentiates horror and gore. He doesn’t do gore. Period. My Queen is pretty the same way. She’ll watch it but it has to have a point, message, something besides killing. Wait, she doesn’t do anything with superpowers, demons, stuff like that. My ass don’t do horror or anything associated with adult scary. I’ll watch my kids’ stuff with them but I’m just not that dude. When the Mrs. dropped several hints that Antebellum was on OUR list, *quick exhale* I immediately told her, “Cool beans. Let’s do it NOW during early daytime just in case it freaks me out.” She rolled her eyes, *usual response* and it was on. Good movie, FANTASTIC PREMISE and you gotta read the blog for more. *wink* I’m shooo grateful for the chill time with her and the talking points for YEARS.

excerpt from my Gratitude Journal for Sunday, 10/25/2020

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I heard of the film before she put it on OUR list but I wasn’t finna watch nothing scary, horror, none of that. I changed my mind because ain’t no way I miss an opportunity to watch anything, in bed, with the wife. I bossed up and check it out during the day. I AM a biiiiig Janelle Monae’ fan. Huge. Her dance moves (She’s the ONLY artist I consider successfully pulling off the James Brown jig.), her whole attitude and philosophy on love and of course, her actual music is the

About the film…

I’m going to have to break this review into sections. Yup, it is that serious.

First, the plot…

OHHHHHHH SNAP! *mind blown* Yoooo. I PROMISE my entire life I’ve thought about stuff like this being real. Why wouldn’t it be with the efficiency and organization of human trafficking and the historical success of such endeavors. You confused? Shhhhhhiiiiiiiid, WE were too! All we understood, until about the middle, was that Veronica/Janelle Monae, was juggling living on a slave plantation and being in the 2020 reality (No, it wasn’t no damn coronavirus in the film). Freaky wild and incredibly scary stuff. Without giving too much away, she must found out which is her real reality, a slave OR a 2020 version of Angela Davis/Malcolm X. Yooo, the movie was on some that Get Out drama/plot craziness. It made sooo much sense and absolutely terrified us. I’d give the plot an A+.

Cast of Antebellum, 2020

The casting and delivery of the film are NOT as good. Not at all. Not by a long shot. Well, let me go back. The casting was cool beans. When I really think about it, any issues I had with casting were related to my misunderstanding of the plot. The downer was the actual delivery, flow, production of the storyline. Neither of us liked. It took too long to introduce and lay out the premise. There were several detailed scenes that lead to nothing. I mean goooood, detailed scenes that interested us but were never resolved, revisited or explained. We watched the first half twice before settling into the rhythm and able to discuss it. Before that, we were angry about the slavery stuff, clapping for the Angela Davis/Malcolm X stuff and crunk off of Gabourey Sidibe. (Dawg, I haven’t seen her in anything in awhile.) The ending brought everything together but that only left us feeling like, “Oooooo. This could have been THE SHIT but they didn’t do it right.”

Final Grade: Mid B, like an 84 of 100

Link to Antebellum trailer

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