4-star Movie Review: Love, Guaranteed (Damon Wayans Jr., Rachel Cook, Netflix 2020)

My 4-star Movie Review: Love, Guaranteed (Damon Wayans Jr., Rachel Cook, Netflix 2020)

What interested me in this film.

Number one, off top, I LOVE romantic comedies. Always have, always will. When I was a young, strapping buck capable of inducing fear by mugging, I pretended not to like romantic comedies. I couldn’t be a gangsta if I was writing poetry, reading books and watching cheesy chick-flicks. When I got married, I bust it out. Damon Wayans Jr.? I support the whole family and just everything they do. HIS Pop is My favorite tho. I’ve seen Jr. in couple of cable series, bunch of straight-to-tv looking movies but none of them seem to last. (Whenever they’re on, I’m watching.)

My review…

Cute, cute and cute. *whatever face* I’m not ashamed to use the word cute because I have three daughters. The film was cute and simple. The premise was that a dating website guarantees you’ll find love. One man, Nick, sues because he ain’t found love despite several years of dues and dating. He hires a lawyer and the film takes off. Literally nothing surprised me. Nothing made me bust out laughing. I still liked it. Damon Wayans played his role to a T. There was no forced “romance scenes” with awkward kissing and nerdy giggles. I smiled throughout the movie (ESPECIALLY at the secretaries! šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚) and enjoyed the flow. It was suuuuuper cheesy as Damon’s character is the PERFECT gentleman and the the lawyer, Sarah Cook, does pro bono work but that’s EXACTLY what I expected.

Final Grade: 82 of 100

Love, Guaranteed trailer

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