SuckaFree CFM: Season 2 is all about ME & the Washington Football Team!

An entire post dedicated to MY personal Madden 21 team, Washington Football Team. BUMP the OTHER users because I'm the ONLY disabled player and I've never beaten a "normie".

I”m calling it now. I’m going to the playoffs in SuckaFree with all the Tier 1 stick skill user and the Tier 2 team-building users. Yeah, I’m saying it. I can beat the CPU. I’ve defeated some random users on quick play mode, albeit 5min quarters. In the first year of SuckaFree, I felt I could compete the other people. I ended last Madden by making the playoffs two straight years and even played close games against a few guys. My problem in this edition was the offense. I like playing as a D-lineman because it lowers the chance by my tremors, twitches, shaking and charley horses will negatively affect the common plays. Playing as on the line, I’m focused on my role in the particular play, watching that O-line meter and trying to bust out a timely Aaron Donald like highlight. Does it work? Yes. Not on every play but enough to make me think that I can build off it. I can develop a team defense based on stellar D-line play, basic user sticks and maybe, just maybe, my football acumen will push me to a victory over another human being.

Shit didn’t work out in the first year BUT I’m learning some things. I put together a 4-win season got some awards to develop the squad and look forward another opportunity to do my thang as the ultimate underdawg and Outlaw in the league. Jason Smith is still team president but Coach Knowledge Chase been replaced by the defensive coordinator, Oracle Jankins. Knowledge Chase left the team after the season to return to teaching and heal from the rigors of such of demanding schedule. Oracle Jankins is leader now. Quiet but confident. Learning but teaching. Let’s go season 2.

Oracle Jankins, new head coach of the Football Team

Jason Smith and Oracle Jankins discussing the injury report for week 3.

Reporter: So, the league isn’t concerned about your arrival. What makes you different from what Knowledge Chase was running?

Oracle Jankins: Number one, I’m a football player, coach, scout and recruiter. I’ve been around the game my whole life. Matter fact, I grew up a fucking screw up. Got INTRO-duced to the game but got hurt and fucking coached up. I speak the boys language on the field. I understand the grind and won’t do all the ‘grown man, give to the community, look within crap’. These are MEN already and they’re hungry. They want to win. They don’t want to be losing 66-0, 80-14 or quitting at half because they know a beat down in coming. That’s why I’m here. We will continue defining Washington football with defense first. We’ll manage clock. We’ll grow our depth and develop boys without gimmicks like 5’9 TEs running 4.2s. We will be a threat in the muthafugga homie.

You know about my D-line…

Chase Young (2020 Defensive Rookie of the Year and DL of the Year) will play LE & LOLB this year.
Montez Sweat will continue his Olympic sprint towards QB playing DE and multiple LB spots as the 2021 Jevon Kearse.

The defensive tackles have decided to focus on stopping the run and adopted their own unique moniker instead of individual pics and recognition. They will known as the Monuments for their size and attention to foundation, technique and strength.

The LBs are all about SPEED…

Landon Collins is improving his run defense and knowledge of assignment.

With the D-line accepting so much responsibility, the LBs are clean and able to run to the football, receivers and cover open spaces. The key word is speed. My entire life, I’ve dreamed of fielding a unit this fast. Troy Apke will flip between safety and OLB this season until we find a solid starter. I’m hoping that he as quickly as Landon but preseason has shown his is liability in run defense.

Griffin’s 15 sacks earned him 3 points for this season. He’s ready.

I drafted a secondary.

Branch was one wonder transfer at South Carolina. He was a preseason All American after leading his JuCo to a championship.

Aron Green gets his size from his HOF father, Darrell Green.

The draft’s #1 consensus pick in terms of talent. Sharpton ended his collegiate allowing 2 TDs in coverage. PERIOD.

Knowledge traded Kendall Fuller for 3 1st round draft picks. The deal was supposed to solidy our team trade potential and open our overall talent over the next 2-3 years. He felt that trade would guarantee us a premier seat at the Tier 2 team-building table. I don’t believe in such grand measures and shows of intelligence. I’m a football coach and I want to win. That deal hurt our team chemistry and QBs targeted the 2nd CB regardless of who played. The weakness bleed into our safeties as they spent the rest of the season overcompensating for coverage. We drafted JoJo with our first pick to address the CB position. Branch was our 3rd pick of the first round. His versatility is perfect for what I want to do and how I want to play. Finally, Green is the son of a team HOFer. He played zone CB at college but he’ll grow into the FS role. His eyes are still too focused on slot WRs and anything underneath because he wants to impress, make a play, prove his namesake. He’ll be aight.

The O-line is young and UNDER-rated

The zone scheme we’re implementing will definitely improve their opportunities for better play. Knowledge had us running a power scheme, playing slow-mo football and waiting on opponents to make a mistake. It was a philosophy good enough to keep games close but not fit for our players, style or identity. He wanted to strengthen them and spent an enormous amount of resources into them. I’m NOT that guy. Yeah, technique is always important but unity is the key. That’s why I personally named them the Warriors of Washington. They have to scrap and practice against OUR defensive line so they have no choice but to get better. We drafted several youngsters to increase the competition. Two of them are the sons of Washington legends, Bobby Riggs and Shane Gibbs.

Our pass catchers are everywhere

Terry McLaurin is the star of the show. Steven Sim and Hall bring routing and speed. When the Raiders released Bryan Edwards, Jason immediately made moves to bring him in. His hands and toughness are a welcome addition to the group. Our TEs and FBs will be the engine. Another change to the system is my belief that TEs and FBs are underused in SuckaFree and most other CFMs. Guys just want speed, speed and more speed at the TE regardless blocking. We don’t have Rob Gronkowski or Kittles. We don’t even have a true possession threat like Kelce but we got depth and we got a want. I don’t want to blow the top off defenses and put my own defense back on the field. We’ll see if our QB can follow instructions.

RBs are JUST like the O-line.

Antonio Gibson, Bryce Love and Bo Scarborough meet before kickoff

Running is absolutely essential any and every offense. You gotta be able to chew clock, move the chains and put points on the board. User games always seem to come down to turnovers. Turnovers always seem to come from passing. That is where Knowledge and I are similar. We both want to run the ball. He wanted an all-purpose back and competant back-ups. I’m more of a RBBC guy, running back by committee. Antonio will get first cut, touch and everything. He’s proven himself, he has the best hands of the committee and he’s the best blocker. Antonio is new to the FB position but between he and other blockers, I’m certain we’re good.

The NFC’s reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year

Caylin Newton is our QB of the future

Jason Smith (team president) wanted Caylin Newton the entire time. He started and ended the season as the draft’s best prospect despite not winning Heisman. He has size, arm, runs a little and more importantly, he comes from good stock being Cam’s little brother. His decision to attend Howard, historically black college, and major in football philosophy and history said a lot about his love for the game. That’s what pushed Jason to draft him over Doug William’s son. I wanted Heisman winner but we’re together now so it doesn’t matter.

Season Schedule

7 user games total. 5 outside the division and Hawk twice every year.

Out of 7 games, I’m winning at least one. If I win one, I’m taking two. #GameOn

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