SuckaFree Season 2: How I FINALLY beat a user after 2 loooong years

I'm using the Washington Football Team in our Madden 21 franchise. We defeated our FIRST human user on the strength of the D-line DESPITE my MS issues! 23-3

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In the ever-growing pantheon of short stories, historical snippets and Gratitude Journals, I bring a new series. Writing has become my salvation, savior and solution. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis which IS stripping me of independence and suffocating my reality with chronic pain. To deal with the symptoms and difficulties, I turned to blogging as therapy. Three years later, I blog because it fulfills my passion, storytelling, and purpose, helping others.  This series will focus on my personal pursuit of becoming a champion in my ps4 Madden 21 online league. That’s the storytelling. πŸ˜‰ I’m helping others, like me, by granting insight into the power of hunting YOUR passion. DESPITE being #sickAF, I’m out here winging it, working it, winning it, living it and leaving my mark.

Washington Football Team goes TO L.A. and defeats perennial contender Funky and the Chargers!

You got that RIGHT. Yes. Yes, I did defeat a human. That human is the commissioner himself, Mr. Funky aka L.A. Chargers. He is also *drum roll* πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ my LITTLE brother. *duck face* Did that make the feeling any sweeter? HECK YEAH IT DID! Why would I lie to y’all now? Was it a thrashing or close? It was definitely a close game but since I’m always honest with readers… *double checks over BOTH shoulders* I scored early, knew he was surprised and immediately went into shaking, small spasms and eye rolls. (We started after the fantastic OT thriller Seattle/Arizona game so it was like 11pm!) My family freezes the entire crib at bedtime and burrows under blankets. πŸ˜‰ Cold temps are direct causes of my spasms so I was struggling. I could’ve called for help but it wasn’t that serious YET. Instead, I grabbed the light blankets (We call them covers.) and turned on the electric fireplace. That helped a lot but I was still shaking and losing my fingers to numbness and the tingles. Again, I figured I could manage it so NO calls for help. I was determined to beat my brother by MYSELF. Back to the game, I had the 1st quarter lead 7-0 off a smooth, HB screen to Bryce Love, co-RB. Entering the 2nd, my defense was dominant. My OTHER 2 brothers spent consecutive weekends at my house playing Madden, schooling each other, labbing, developing playbooks. What’s more important, THEY played me, advised on building a defense based on me being the D-line and kinda easing up on jumping to CBs and stuff. I was already down and going that route so it was on. I even beat them sometimes but we use 5min quarters and SuckaFree is 8min. The longer time can be an issue because frequent urination, incontinence, shaking and the pain of holding my neck at the angle to see the doggone t.v. Back to the game, my defensive line was WRECKING. I was using the DEs, Young & Sweat, and bull rushing with the DTs, affectionately nicknamed the Washington Monuments πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ˜‰. It was working. With 4 men, I was getting pressure from outside and inside, quick and late. I even scooped a user-INT! I also THREW one. πŸ˜‘ It was my fault. I wanted to prove myself too much, got greedy and INT. Did the shaking cause the pick? Yup. I even dropped the controller between hiking the ball and giving it away. It gave his squad momentum, he pushed inside the 10 but the pressure came and he accepted a FG. Halftime was 7-3, he got the kickoff and the rest of the game, did NOTHING. Not a grape was bust. The final score was 23-3. I only had 160 offense but I truly did play a safe, ball control game the remainder of the contest. He was frustrated that I scored a garbage rushing TD as time expired. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 WHATEVER DAWG. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… It’s my first win since 2018! For two years, I’ve played and couldn’t beat a soul due to my MS issues. Dudes haven’t taken it easy on me either. They go for it on 4th, up by 30, in the 4th, when I’M punting and running clock. Cats make fun of me for quitting or skipping games knowing I got MS. I could’ve chilled but no. 😜 It felt GREAT.

Player of the Game

Chase Young

Chase Young had 2 sacks and his pressure directly led to a pick by the hot shot rookie, JoJo Sharpton. On another play, he forced the QB to run right into Montez Sweat for another sack.

YouTube FULL Game link

Week 2 opponent – New York Giants (CPU)

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