In answer to the question…

This poem answers the age old question of "Where the REAL men at?"

In answer to the question…

Hey, I don’t speak for all dudes, I only speak for me.

Maybe I’m representing the “good men” but

I’m not trying to, I’m just calling it how I see.

Everyday on social media, it’s memes & man-bashing.

“Where the real men at?”

“A real man would stand up…”

*blows whistle for time-out*

First, take a long look at yourself because

IF you sincerely want (you NEVER need)

a real man, you must clean your shelf.

Real men aren’t going to settle for you,

when you replying about creeping on your ‘boo’.

You have a man but he don’t treat YOU right.

Now you posting DEM pics

(Hell yeah, we all gon like!).

Next, you falling in love 

NEW thing listens, how he OR she licks.

End up with your whole energy fucked up;

NEW thing don’t think you the shit. 

All the sharing of

“Can’t trust men! All men lie!”

Mute some folks, 

unfollow people, 

switch up your TimeLine but

open your eyes.

Distractions and entanglements abound

yet, we all demand trust.

There are real men all around.

~y’all see them everywhere~

They’re the saaaame dudes women look at like,

“That’s just my friend. I don’t care what he hear.”

Confessing all your secrets, ins and outs.

How you do these boys bad and

what other “hating bitches” talking about.

Queens, (Well, all ladies *winks*)

Y’all have to quit treating dudes like bologna.

Acting like you’re too good until 

some other WHATEVER gets lonely. 

Then, you got the nerve to wonder why

a King (real man) doesn’t approach you.

Take it from a friend, you phony.

So many women try so hard to let every

single, man they meet

know, believe and OVERstand

that he ain’t shit. He’s just like all the rest.

Kings peep your situation, perspective, energy

“Naaa. Why prove I’m different? She can’t

fly with me for fear of leaving the nest.”

That I’m independent ideology 

sounds played out for the simple fact

that a bunch of y’all AREN’T.

*rolls eyes* Still, it runs from the mouth.

You have to know what you want,

to get what you want. And

you can’t always get what you want

from who you want.

Queens; please, 

you’re welcome to badtalk me.

“Ol boy think he deep.”

*wags finger

Bet you’re the same ladies complaining,

“Gurl! That one was a nerd.” or “This one too cheap.”

“Uh uh, hang with too many females.” or “Nope, he don’t eat me.”

The question I ask:

Is that really how to judge if a man is true to you or

prove how well he’ll treat you?

Look, *pulls up a chair*

chill out with all the game about your ex.

How bad he treated you…

That’s why you’re the way you are…

Heal the bruises and scars from past relationships.

Learn from love’s mistakes. (Damn right, love makes mistakes!)

Move on towards tomorrow.  

I wish you good luck on your journey

to find a King of a real man.

In fact, I hope you discover self-love and

its infinite blessing.

After all; this is more than my next blog post,

it’s my answer to the question.



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